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Somali Pirates What We Should Do

Updated on February 23, 2011

Let'em Go, or Hang Them?

 History has taught us that Pirates are a threat to the world's oceans and seas. Somali Pirates have been coddled by the worlds Navy's. They have been released to their ships, they have been returned to Somali, and finally three were killed and one returned to the US, tried, convicted and sentenced to 33 years in prison.

There is no need for the costs of catching, transporting, and taking these individuals to the US to stand trial and upon conviction incarcerate. We will spend millions of dollars for what, justice? I for one think not.

These crimes are committed on the high seas, US ships captains have the authority and power to catch, hold a trial aboard ship, and either execute, or incarcerate. The prisoner would remain aboard ship until its normal rotation to it's US port where prisoners will be sent to Guantanamo Bay to serve their term. Their ships destroyed and any actionable information on the pirates bases or support areas, may be immediately attacked by US forces, at the Ships Captains discretion.

Problem solved, no catch and release, immediate disposition of cases, if death followed by burial at sea, bases and safe havens destroyed. Pirates would be delt with immediately and harshly, but fairly. Their profession would no longer be a way to make money, but an immediate way to end their life.

Those that believe this is too harsh. I have one question, how harshly did the pirates treat the four elderly Americans that were killed in cold blood, for no reason of their own making?


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  • profile image

    anoninmous 5 years ago

    They should simply be killed - no trial no time wasted no money wasted. these animals are ruining lives and familys

  • Terry B. Davis profile image

    Terry B. Davis 6 years ago

    I disagree that the cost would be over whelming. Currently pirates have taken 20 to 30 large transport ships annually, and are holding about 600 hostages. You have not only the cost of the ship but also its cargo, then the human cost. currently these shippers and their insurance carriers have already paid out billions. Additionally, the pirates have been going out further and further from bases by using large ships they have stolen. A carrier with fighters could patrol a larger area, they could also warn potential pirates that if they come with in a certain distance of a vessal they would immediately be fired upon an sunk.

    Somalia has no real government and could not or would not try them anyway.Besides, if they have committed no crimes in their country what would the charges be, the crimes happen on the high seas in international waters. They do bring the ships and people to land, but again the Somalia's government would have to identify them, collect evidence, arrest them and try them, don't think it would happen. A bounty on the heads of the pirates would also help. Placing armed guards on ships is not hiring mercenaries, its hiring security. I am sure that companies would come out of the wood work to specially train, equip. and place security on board.

  • fundguru profile image

    fundguru 6 years ago from Germany

    The problem is more difficult and not so easy to solve as you wish.

    Most ships, especially in international trade are not equipped with armed soldiers and cannot defend and so not overwhelm pirates. If all ships from the western nations would have to hire now armed mercanaries to defend, then it certainly would not cost only a few millions, but billions.

    The consequence would be rising transport costs, shrinking profits in several industries and higher consumer prices.

    Even if the western world then increases Navy presence, it also will cost not only millions. In addition a huge problem is that there are plenty ships in the sea and it is not possible to guide every ship with a convoi.

    Today we also have satelites monitoring all seas, but even with this tech it is impossible to predict or prevent attacks, because pirates are well organized and strike within short time from the coast.

    Hence the problem cannot be solved at all on the sea, but the western countries have to create pressure on Somalia to fight and judge the pirates in their own country.

    I agree that it is useless to bring criminals from around the world to US prisons, they should be judged where they are, but this has to happen in the countries from where they attack.

  • Terry B. Davis profile image

    Terry B. Davis 6 years ago

    If they are met with immediate and over whelming force, they will withdraw from the pirate business when the cost is too much. After all when you work at a job if there where a 90% chance of being killed and your property destroyed?

  • safiq ali patel profile image

    safiq ali patel 6 years ago from United States Of America

    And the risk of the Somali pirates is higher if due to political turmoil the suez canal is closed off. The pirates will have a higher number of ships they can hi jack.