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Somalia and Taliban Happy Over Osama Bin Laden's Death

Updated on May 12, 2011

The death of Osama Bin Laden has provoked some interesting responses worldwide from some unsuspected areas. India and China have remained curiously silent about it. Ditto for Russia, which is odder. Then there is Omar Bin Laden, Osama's 4th son, now 26, living in the UK with his 51 yr. old wife. He is a good looking Arab, and looks like his dad. Like many father and son's, they became estranged long ago and Omar denounced everything his father did publicly and tried to lead a normal life. Now he has  filed a "wrongful death" lawsuit in the International Court in Hague stating his father was murdered and so. Let the circus begin..............

As for the Taliban, if anyone felt that Al-Qaeda and the Taliban were allies, Taliban leaders are now ratting on the location of Al-Qaeda members wherever they are known to be. They are doing this for self-serving reasons. Foremost, they want to give the illusion they are serious about peace talks with the Afghan government. They have zero interest in helping Al-Qaeda with their jihad because they have their own jihad to seize Afghanistan, which Al-Qaeda is seen as "competition". Having them near also makes themselves more of a target for invisible drones and other attacks because they know the US wants both dead. They also want to send a message that they can do things without Pakistani approval. Pakistan has since said that the "Taliban only want to impress America" about their peace desires. Funny thing is, the Taliban refuse to discuss peace until all US troops are out of Afghanistan!

As to Somalia, they have officially "invited" the US Navy Seal team to conduct a similar operation in their country to kill the leader of al-Qaeda African version, Shabaab, holding up in Mogadishu. The threat there is growing and the terrorist group has already taken over a city block for their own and train at nearby soccer fields. The African group of military under the UN has been unsuccessfully battling them, said to be 500 strong. The battles there are nasty urban zones, not in open country. Its PM, Mohamed, said,  "if the threat is found, I welcome the US to dismantle it because it will help both countries". 


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