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Some Europeans Are Seeking To Arrest President Bush For War Crimes

Updated on February 7, 2011

Some Europeans Are Seeking to Arrest President George Bush For War Crimes

A few days ago, I read where President Bush, the younger, cancelled a trip to Europe out of fear of being arrested for ‘war’ crimes, supposedly that took place during his relentless and effective prosecution of the war on terror. I have often wondered what those who opposed so called ‘torture tactics’ on terrorists would do were their love-ones in harms way? What would they be willing to do – would they have the courage of their convictions and let their love-ones die? Those who oppose ‘torture’ always seem to speak in absolutes by saying that ‘torture’ doesn’t work – instead of them saying sometimes, it doesn’t work. When I was a soldier, I was assigned to the infantry… and, I am being honest in saying that torture would have worked on me to pry away secrets that I was privy to, especially, if members of my family were in danger.

I feel no pity for those who want to kill and maim innocents; and, if I need to know about pertinent information that would save lives, one way or the other, whomever I am interrogating will tell me what I need to know… even if it means subjecting he or she to water-boarding. If torture doesn’t work, why is it some of our operatives carry cyanide pills? Not everyone has the constitution of a Senator John McCain… who was a prisoner of war, and apparently, torture had no effect on him. But there are those who would give up secrets… that is why when an important operative is captured, we change our codes and amend the other aspects of the ‘cloak and dagger’ matrix.

As a boy, I watched in disbelief when Bernard Shaw, the CNN debate moderator, asked Presidential Candidate Michael Dukakis how he would feel if he had furloughed a prisoner… who then killed his wife; the would be president was unattached, like a podded plant, when he responded with the same dry intellectual answer to the query about harm coming to his wife. The Dukakis reminder above is what I am reminded of when I hear some Europeans and others who want to prosecute President Bush for torture or the like. Incidentally, no one has killed more innocents, via the drones, in Afghanistan, than President Obama… ironically, it is a policy left over by President Bush. Let’s supposed that years from now, when President Obama is out of office, do you think that anyone in Europe or elsewhere would dare to bring similar charges against our current President? What about putting then President Vladimir Putin on trial, who is reported to have sanctioned torture on Chechen Muslims and then having them buried encased in swine.

In ancient Rome, when she was a Hegemon, anyone who accosted or killed a Roman soldier... the village or enclave where the perpetrator was from would suffer exponentially for killing that one Roman soldier… much less a head of state like President Bush. I wish we had that posture like ancient Rome… so we can dare these Europeans to place President Bush under arrest. There are times, albeit against my better angels, when I wished that Hitler was still ‘goose stepping’ across Europe – but mark my prose, we will have to save Europe from the terrorists in the near future.


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    • profile image

      Rainer 3 years ago

      Verily I say unto the close minded, they that rudlciie the small and call them charlatans. They make them outcasts and speak that which they know not of. Nor do they understand. They know not what they say, because a veil of ignorance is on their eyes. When confronted with the veil of ignorance they become arrogant about their ignorance. Thus compounding the problem. They refuse to see there own ignorance least they open their eyes and be converted to the truth. The truth of the gospel of reality. They reality that Cold fusion needed more testing. The reality that the only reason Fleischmann's work was real, and others were not, was that that the experiment ran for a longer time than the others. Thus giving birth to cold fusion. The ignorant were quick to judge, and in so doing have brought great suffering on the world. Those that could have given a cup of collaboration in the name of reality to the work of Dr Fleischmann will loose their reward and bring great suffering to the world.~AstralProjectee

    • mike6181 profile image

      mike6181 7 years ago

      The term "war crimes" has become meaningless as applied now. The term itself has become a 'politically correct' way of saying you don't like a particular war, person, or action.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 7 years ago from New York

      Hi Rachel:

      Since I was in my teens, I have had problems because the truth is the truth... even when I am in its cross hairs. I try to place myself in others shoes and try to act accordingly... and if I am being biased, I hope that I am man enough to earn up to it, but that's is missing today. It seems that No more can we disagree on a given topic. I cannot tell you how much offers that I have given up had I decided to write from a given point of view; and note that some of these offers came from some who were Republicans and some who were Democrats - and Incidentally I could have used the money - but I cannot write about something I don't believe in - I cannot be a pundit for the sake of being a pundit... so I write when I have something to say within the confines of my conscience.

      -Verily Prime

    • rachellrobinson profile image

      Rachel Woodruff 7 years ago from Southwest Missouri

      What is sad is that more American's won't speak up and tell it like you do. Oh there are a few out there, but for the most part we divide ourselves and lose our pride for this country when we agree with Europe about such idiotic things.

      I don't believe President Bush ever committed a single war crime. What he did is protect us. It's a shame that the same can't be said about the current administration, ah but see by me saying that I guess I am no better than those who claim Bush committed war crimes by not handing us over to the Muslims when he had the chance.