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Some False Ideology of The Obama Administration

Updated on January 4, 2017


Every American Presidents have certain ideology that rule their administration. President Obama is no exception. In the past 8 years, we have witnessed this time and again. Here are some highlights.

- Jan. 2017

What is an ideology?

An idealogy is a belief system. It is the big picture view of the world. It can influence public policy and laws. It is at the root of one's politics. Most people have an ideology even though they may not articulate them or conscious of them.

An ideology is a concept and it says nothing about how true or false they may be. It is a "world view" that one might hold and it influences how we see and react to events.

An ideology is formed based on our life experiences. We learn from our parents, teachers and clergy and other associates. We also derive them from reading books and watching movies and documentaries. It is part of our makeup as a human being.

What are Some Obama Ideology?

  • Gitmo was a recruitment tool for extremists and must be shut down.
  • Recreational drug use and distribution is harmless and should not be criminalized.
  • America is no more execeptional than any other nation.
  • The individual did not create wealth or a successful business, it was a collective effort that made it haapen. "you didn't build that..."
  • The economic system is rigged and the rich are profiting from the rest of the people. We need an even playing field in the market and we need to "spread the wealth..."
  • We can't use the term "Islamic terrorists" to identify our enemy because it denigrades a whole religion that is peaceful.
  • Immigrants have the rights to be here regardless of our borders. We are a global nation and the world should be treated as one.
  • We should adopt a gender neutral stance with regard to our military and the use of public restrooms.
  • The middle east would be a better and more peaceful place if Israel would just stop building settlements in the territories.
  • Police across the country needs to be better trained in dealing with minorities.
  • Climate Change is the biggest threat to our world.
  • ISIS is not an existential threat to the US. They are only JV team analogy.
  • Universal Healthcare is a right.

Why is This a Problem?

It is good to have an ideology and a world view. It demonstrate one has curiosity and compassion about our world and are willing to work for hope and change. This is all positive. It only becomes a problem when someone take the position that their world view or ideology is the only one that is truth. Even when evidence shows they might be wrong or distorted, a blind allegiance to ideology will lead to bad things.

The past eight years have demonstrated that ideology can be misguided and lead us down a false narrative. It will take a difference administration to reverse some of these policies.


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