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Success: My Thoughts on Climbing the Ladder of Success

Updated on August 16, 2020
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Joyette believes that in sharing, through her Life Lessons hubs, she can empower others and assist them in making more informed decisions.

Success Will Come if You Persevere

Success is Possible for Everyone

Success is not a myth; it is a goal to which we can all aspire in keeping with our ambitions, talents, knowledge and skills as well as God’s purpose and Blessings. It is possible for everyone to achieve success in their given field of endeavour. However, for this to happen, they must first recognize their ambitions, plan the path or ladder to their success then put the plan into action -start climbing.

Why People Pursue Success

In pursuing success, we must be clear in our minds as to what we perceive it to mean and why we want to achieve it. People may desire to be successful in their careers in order to gain recognition and social esteem, to have power and authority or to earn large incomes. Alternatively, people may pursue success in order to contribute more meaningfully to society, to assist humanity, to make the world better. Indeed, people may seek success just for personal gratification. For example, when a retired, elderly person graduates from an institution of higher learning, it is obviously, not for career success, but to realise dreams and ambitions which he/she was hindered from fulfilling as a result perhaps, of unfavourable life circumstances. Also, certain people, for example; sportsmen, artists, musicians, dancers etc. do what they are doing for enjoyment, gaining success and fame in the process. Hence they probably view success mainly as personal fulfilment.

Definitely, climbing the ladder of success is no easy climb; the journey may be fraught with challenges, impediments and disappointments, but for those who are focused and prepared to persevere, the climb can be actually very rewarding.

Factors Which Motivate People to Climb the Ladder of Success

What drives you toward success?

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Some Tips on Climbing the Ladder of Success

  1. Choose the right ladder - Of course, there are many ladders, but not every ladder is right for you. Your choice of ladder would depend on your goal, your recognition of your strengths, your talents. Avoid disappointments and wasted time by choosing the ladder which best suits you. If, however, at some point in your journey you recognize that you have erred and are convinced that you are climbing the wrong ladder, then it is better to stop and start afresh on the right ladder rather than wasting valuable time moving towards the wrong goal.
  2. Know what you want to attain at the top of the ladder – Don’t go blindly chasing dreams. Define a clear goal, set clear objectives and even a time frame to get there successfully. It may be necessary to tweak your objectives as you go along; that’s perfectly fine. Also, you may need to adjust the time frame based on the ease or difficulty of your climb. That too is fine.
  3. Avoid distractions – Be aware, alert and focused. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by naysayers, moaners and groaners or other climbers who lack perseverance and commitment. Too often, people are deterred from taking the route which would lead to accomplishment of their goals or dreams because of the negative influence of others. Also, short cuts can be major distractions; consequently, they should be evaluated carefully. If you decide to take a short cut, you should approach it with caution. Any decision to abort your climb or change course should be your own and not a result of distractions.
  4. Seek motivation and inspiration – Surround yourself with successful and supportive people and immerse yourself in the encouragement and motivation to be derived from associating with them. They have already walked the path you are walking and climbed the ladder you are climbing; learn useful lessons from their journeys to assist with your own. There will be varied success stories, but you need to choose those which are most relevant to your ladder. You also need to choose lessons which reflect principle and integrity for there are many people who reach the top by taking all types of shortcuts some of which might be illegal, immoral or unfair. Moreover, do not be inspired to fast track your journey to the top by cheating or compromising your values.
  5. Exercise patience - It is O.K. to take one rung at a time for success is not to be achieved in one huge leap. It is usually achieved gradually through diligence, persistence and perseverance except of course, in cases where persons are fortunate to have sponsors in the form of well-to-do families, political parties etc. to set a foundation for them.
  6. Be kind and generous - Help others as you move up the ladder. Do not be like those who would trample on others and even kick down the rung below to prevent the next person from tasting the wine of success.
  7. Climb with God. Make God the principal part of your plans for while we may have what appears to be the perfect plan for our lives, sometimes, God has another plan. Also, I share this very apt quotation, “we deceive ourselves when we think we can ignore God and still receive his Blessings” (Gilbert Beers and Ronald A Beers 1996 -Touch points – God’s Answers for Your Daily Needs).

Sometimes the Road Isn't Easy

The video below depicts a young woman climbing the ladder of success in the face of challenges and distractions. However, with her mind focused on her goal; with determination, perseverance and a positive attitude she makes it to the top.

Her journey shows that with the right mind set and attitude it is possible to make it to the top of the ladder and achieve success.

Climbing the Ladder of Success

© 2015 Joyette Helen Fabien


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