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Some Musings Amidst The Ruins

Updated on March 15, 2011

Some Thoughts Among The Ruins.


Columns stretch

smooth white fingers to the sky,
reaching for the gods that forsook them.

Ancient structures melted by the grasp of time,
lean softened by the erosion of their infrastructures.

The senate is adjourned and Caesar is a salad now.
The catacombs have teeth of bones projecting
in a disarray of former residents assembled.

The Coliseum is an empty shell of despair,
one can hear the haunted cries of the martyrs
and the clang of steel on steel from the gladiators
as they shadow its remnants in the sun.

Statues of former heads of state lie headless,

anonymous torsos posed in permanent obscurity.

The Roman empire is left a pyre of rubble
burning in the scorching winter sun.

A monument to man's follies,

all of his greatness lessened,
to great boulders,

amidst the great boldness
of today's Rome at large.

Perhaps a thousand years from now,
cities like New York, and Paris will also
lie in such tranquil, disquieted ruin.

The Eiffel tower a rusted,

dissolving mass of twisted metal,
the Statue Of Liberty minus arms and head.
As nature worms its insidious way back into the forms,
that mankind sealed beneath cobbled highways,
and concrete structures forever demolished.

I toss a Roman coin

purchased in an antiquity shop.

into the dry bed of a fountain emptied of life,

and make a wish that my children's,

children's grandchildren,

will find a way to stop

the decay of man's legacy

and share a lasting world

in splendid teeming cities,

that have learned to survive

side by side with nature's glories.


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