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Some Reasons Why the United States Is Still a Good Country in Spite of What the News Media May Tell You

Updated on June 16, 2020
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Don't Underestimate the Goodness of the United States

For those of us that currently live in the United States, the economic times are the harshest that our generation has seen. There has been a major drop in the fluctuating stock market and all the other things that have happened. But in spite of the economic hardship that the US is currently experiencing (to a certain degree), the United States still has great qualities. No country is ever going to be perfect. Every country has its pluses and minuses. This is not going to be a list of advantages and disadvantages of the United States. But this essay is going to take a philosophical and analyzed approach in describing why the United States still is and has the potential to be a great nation. I’ve lived in America most of my life and I have come very far. But this essay is not about me. It is about why the United States is still great in spite of its problems. (Note: yes Donald Trump has taken the oath of office on January 20, 2017 but it is time to focus on the still good aspects of one of the largest Western nations in the world).

A Blank Map of the United States Map & the 4th of July

This is just a blank map of the United States with none of the state names filled in but it still shows that the United States does exist.
This is just a blank map of the United States with none of the state names filled in but it still shows that the United States does exist. | Source

Reason #1: the Contribution of Immigrants

The United States is great because it has always been a nation of immigrants. Different groups such as the Irish, Italians, British, French and the Chinese have all had an influence in the development of this nation. The United States has one of the most varied populations in terms of the ancestry of its people. The United States features people from nearly every country in this vast and large world of ours. All of these different groups have brought their culture, customs and traditions to this country which has shaped the United States. You can find food from just about every country in the world in the United States. This amazing diversity allows us to learn about other groups of people and this helps keep our brains healthy and active and it helps us get an appreciation for other cultures. Learning is a life-long pursuit and learning does not stop when we graduate from high school. You learn every day until death. If you do not learn, then you cannot grow as a human being. Learning is one of the best things that you can do for yourself.

The Greatness of the United States

How Good is the United States as a country?

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Reason #2: The Freedom of Expression

The United States is a great or even good nation because we can express our desires, concerns and feeling about issues that we agree with or do not agree with and we have the opportunity to write to our people in Congress and even the President of the United States. Obviously, no country is totally free but the United States holds elections for its politicians. The freedom to express you is a great thing because people should be allowed to say what is on their mind to a certain extent. But there should be certain limits to that freedom to speak. It is not just or right for someone to say anything that they want to say. If you give people too much freedom, that freedom can be abused. Even the most freedom loving people should understand this.

Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States

Barack Obama's surprising victory over John McCain in the 2008 Presidential Election gave the United States its first ever African American President.
Barack Obama's surprising victory over John McCain in the 2008 Presidential Election gave the United States its first ever African American President. | Source

Reason #3: The Possibility To Still Better Yourself (Just Think about Barack Obama's Election Victory in 2008)

The United States is a great nation because you can become what you want to become even in today’s economy. But there is a chance that you may have to work harder to get to where you want to be. President Barack Obama got elected to this nation’s highest office when so many people counted him out and they never thought that he could win the 2008 Presidential election. But he won the 2008 election by defeating John McCain by a very wide margin. President Obama believed that he could win and he had faith and look where he is today. You may not have as big of a desire like that but you can become what you want to become. The only one that would be stopping a person from achieving their goals is that person. We can become what we set out to become. It is never too late to become what you want to become and in a country such as the United States, any dream is possible. Yes, times are tough right now but it is still possible to become what you want to become. It is still worth it to live in the United States because this country has given people the opportunity to better themselves. People from around the world have come to the United States to escape persecution in their country. Some have come to the United States because they desire more freedom and a chance to live a better life.

I believe my life has gotten better since I came to America many years ago and there is a good chance that I will stay here. None of us knows what the future holds but as of this moment, the greatness of the United States is obvious even if some people may not realize it at this point in time. America will become a prosperous nation again because it is only a matter of time before that happens.

The United States is currently in a down cycle right now in spite of the improvements made as a result of the Obama Presidency but it is still one of the world’s good nations.

Reason #4: The United States Has Term Limits for the President

This reason may be the one reason that most people may overlook and the goodness of the United States is also due in part the fact that as of 1951, the United States has set a two-term limit for the President or main person of the Executive Branch. This limit prevents the President from getting too much power. This limit ensures that there is no dictatorship at the top. That’s a great thing right? From a historical standpoint it was President George Washington who set this sort of tradition or precedent by refusing to run for a third term in office. He set this sort of tradition where Presidents got into this sort of habit I will say that they did not run or serve for more than two terms. Franklin D. Roosevelt broke this tradition when he ran for President four times and died while in office in 1945. Can you imagine having a bad President in the United States who would be able to serve for a lifetime if there were no terms limits? Such a possibility would have been scary to imagine but due to the 22nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, no person can serve as President for more than 2 terms and these terms don’t have to be consecutive.

What will it take for the United States to remain good or get better?

It is important to understand that it takes time for your life to change. The same will be true of the United States. It will take time for the economy to improve but the United States will still be recognized as a nation that has given people from all over the world an opportunity to start a new life. This is true of whatever country that you move to. Just continue to look at yourself as a success and not as a failure. The United States was successfully established and created and you can make yourself a success also. That’s why it has existed as an independent nation for 243 years. But in the perspective of this writer, the United States’ ability to remain great or at least good is going to depend on large part how well both political parties can work together. And that remains to be seen. Let’s put away the belief by Donald Trump that America must be made great again. Actually, for those of us that have lived in the United States long enough, we realize that this country still has its very good aspects. This should be obvious to most of us but the United States was founded because so many brave men decided to make the ultimate sacrifice to rebel and rise up against the rule of the British Empire. Their success in the American Revolution set the foundation for our government and made this country a nation of immigrants and that still holds true even today. The United States is still one of the world’s good nations!

America is already great (Or is it?)

© 2016 Ara Vahanian


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