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Some Ridiculous Stereotypes About Gay People

Updated on March 22, 2017
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Human relationships, families: sometimes I like to get deep into these topics, by expressing my personal opinions!

Gay world is often described with stereotypes: superficial people use them without knowing the reality is different.
Gay world is often described with stereotypes: superficial people use them without knowing the reality is different.

The Kingdom Of Superficiality

"Twinks are all bottom gays", "all gays listen to Lady Gaga"... these are only two of the stereotypes heterosexuals often say about gay people (even if the same homosexuals promote these superficial statements). In this article I am going to analyze some of the most common stereotypes about homosexuality, in order to explain why these are ridiculous and without any basis.

(in order to follow the video, you should enable English captions by using the Captions button in the play bar, as I speak in Italian)

Twinks Are Made To Stay With Bears?

Do you prefer "twinky" people or mature men?

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This common stereotype is related to a popular way of categorizing gay people: the distinction between twinks and bears.

Twinks are people like me: guys looking like teenagers, hairless like me or with very little hair: they are the opposite of bears, who are instead the classic "alpha males": hairy and looking like mature men.

The stereotype consists in viewing twinks and bears as the perfect combination: every twink should stay with a bear and vice versa: the reality is very different! While it is true some twinks and bears love the other category, there are also a lot of bears who love other mature men, and at the same time, twinks who love other twinks (this is my case, as I love these people and I do not like bears, even if I respect them).

The reason why this stereotype is so common is simple: just like men usually stay with women (so gay category is an exception), at the same time people are used to think twinks are made to stay with bears: in general, a category is said to be attracted by its opposite. However there are not only men who stay with women, and at the same time, there are not only twinks who stay with bears: so accepting gay world, but refusing the fact two twinks or two bears can stay together, is a non sense: if you accept same-sex staying, you should also accept same-gay-category staying, otherwise you end up in a sort of "internal homophobia".

Bear = Top, Twink = Bottom

This is another superficial stereotype: it exists because bears, looking as mature men, are considered more manly than twinks: in a relationship between a twink and a bear, it is easily imagined the bear to be the top one, while the twink is seen as the bottom one. This stereotype is directly linked with the previous one and it is superficial at the same level: I am the perfect example, as I am a twink, but I am top (neither bottom or versatile). The problem about these stereotypes is that many people believe physical peculiarities are a signal of how a person is manly or not (and TV often encourages this way of thinking, as effeminate gays are always shown as bottom in many video productions): the reality is sometimes really different.

Being Effeminate = Being Gay

Justin Bieber is thought to be gay only because he has an effeminate voice (even if it was more effeminate when he started his musical career). He is the perfect example of how being effeminate does not necessarily mean being gay.
Justin Bieber is thought to be gay only because he has an effeminate voice (even if it was more effeminate when he started his musical career). He is the perfect example of how being effeminate does not necessarily mean being gay.

Have you ever seen an effeminate heterosexual man?

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This is another common stereotype, which simply states an effeminate man is automatically gay (the same can be applied for girls, as the masculine ones are seen as lesbians). Also in this case TV contributes to this stereotype (just think about Glee, my favourite TV series, in which Kurt Hummel is shown as an effeminate guy, even if Blaine Anderson, his boyfriend, is the opposite). Being effeminate or having an effeminate voice is not necessarily a signal of being gay: in fact also among heterosexuals you can find people without a manly voice!

Homosexuals Don't Like Soccer (Or Other Sports)

Homosexuals are often seen as people who don't like soccer or other sports. Soccer is often seen as a heterosexual people, the same as it is seen as a sport for men: smart people should know this is not true, and in fact there are girls who love soccer, the same as there are homosexuals who love it! In my case the stereotype applies (I don't like soccer), even if I like other kind of sports (keep calm: dance is only one of them).

Also In Glee Kurt Plays Football!

The same Glee TV series I mentioned before contributes to disprove this stereotype, as Kurt Hummel, in an episode, is playing football, and he plays it even better than some homophobes or proudly heterosexuals.

Soccer Is For Everyone

Soccer is often seen as a masculine sport and girls are sometimes seen as uninterested people. The reality is obviously different, and while there are girls interested in soccer (but also in motors and other interests tipically attributed to men), also some homosexuals love it. Unluckily some people still believe there are only activities for men, while women should be cut off these: the same people who believe a gay person is unable to have interests in soccer or American football.

Homosexuals Are Only Interested In Sex

This stereotype exists because some gays are only interested in sex, and those are seen to be the generality. Also apps like Grindr or PlanetRomeo (often used in order to find occasional sex, even if they are also useful in order to make new friendships or to find a possible person to date with).

The reality is that only some homosexuals are perverted or keen on having occasional sex with everyone: other ones are interested in making serious relationships. At the same time, there are also some heterosexuals who are perverted: most of them are also homophobes, and are those who always touch girls in discos or who make inopportune or vulgar appreciations whenever they walk near them (just consider the song "Sexy Chick" by David Guetta, applied to the real life).

I'm tryna find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful


Damn girl

Damn who's a sexy chick

A sexy chick

Damn who's a sexy chick

Damn girl

— David Guetta - Sexy Chick (there is another version of the song - more explicit)

Homosexuals Feeling Like Women?

Some gays talk about themselves with feminine words... other ones do make-up... other use women clothes... these are all specific categories of homosexuals, who evidently feel closer to women than other ones... considering ALL homosexuals as "male women" is a non sense, even if some people still do this. At the same time, there is nothing wrong in gays who do this.

All Gays Are Bottom

This is maybe one of the most ridiculous stereotypes the human mind even invented: mainly homophobes promote it. If you really think all gays are made to be bottom, who is the top guy? The fact is some homophobes (just being homophobe is enough to be classified as stupid) really believe homosexuals are all bottom, and this puts a serious doubt about Darwin's theories on human evolution.

Why Stereotypes Should Be Banned

It is because of stereotypes that some people have difficulties in accepting themselves. People, especially the ones belonging to small categories (like the gay one), need to make sure other ones are not so superficial to judge them by using stereotypes. Because superficiality is the key to promote hate or fake things about LGBT communities or other ones. A modern world requires intelligent people and I hope one day stereotypes will be completely banned from our society.

© 2017 Alessio Ganci


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