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Some Things Just Need to Go Away in 2013!

Updated on October 6, 2013
Go Away in 2013
Go Away in 2013 | Source

Sequel to Somethings Just Need to Go Away in 2010

A few years ago I wrote my hub about "Some Things Need to Go Away in 2010" ( Time has flown by and we now find ourselves in the dreaded year of 2012 apparently approaching the end of the World because the Mayan's ended their calendar at this time. Maybe they did not for see any future? Maybe we will all die from global warming, but if not, it seems a fresh start with the approaching New Year is in order, thus the need for some things to just go away.

Since time is of the essence, I say it is high time for a new list of things I hate and need to just go away. Being the self-appointed Queen of my hubpage, I feel it totally within my right to make change where I see fit in this World so without further ado, here goes my list of what needs to disappear in this new year:

  • Stupid politicians who make ridiculous statements for the sole purpose of shocking everyone in hopes of getting them attention. Case in point, "In legitimate rape, a woman cannot get pregnant" said Senate Republican Nominee Todd Akin to no one in particular. I (and about a million other people) had never heard of Todd Akin before he opened his mouth with this hillbilly scientific made up facts on the female reproductive organs. Guess it worked though, because now I and the rest of you, all know who he is but not for anything good, just the brunt of lots of well deserved jokes. I wish one thing, however, I wish he would explain what "legitimate rape" is? Sounds like an oxymoron to me. There is nothing legitimate about rape Mr. Akin and I am a kinda "akin" to hit you upside your empty head (Where is Jeff Foxworthy when you need him?) Mr. Akin, please Call me when you grow a pair of ovaries and a uterus-then we can talk "facts".

Akin is not the only political moron on my list of "needs to go away" I am equally disgusted with being told what I can eat or drink and how much. Seriously, doesn't the state of New York have bigger issues than outlawing soft drinks over 16 ounces? Michael Bloomberg who bullied you when you were young, some soda big gulp drinking punk? Is that why the rest of us must suffer?

  • Stupid Facebook updates every second. Really, do I need to know about your "I got up late" or "now I am at Starbucks" How about "I finally got a life" so now I am too busy to give minute by minute nonsense updates!
  • And more about Facebook: please stop posting those freaking chain type posts on my wall. These posts have replaced the chain emails which replaced the chain letters. Do you know the chain posts I am referring to? These are the ones that start off with "Let's see who of my friends are actually reading this post. Please cut and paste to the wall of all your girlfriends that are amazing women if you read my post" Oh come on! Are you that insecure? This is exactly why I never read or respond to your posts! Equally annoying are your game requests. I do not play Farmville or Chefville or any of the villes. They are too much like working and right now I am happily enjoying unemployment, please do make me work at your imaginary games of life.
  • Texting fanatics. For God's sake put down the smart phone and look at me when I am talking to you! It is not just teenage fast food workers who are annoying everyone by texting while you try to order. is the attorney representing you for a car accident who seems more interesting in checking a tweet than your sorry story of being broadsided. No wonder this country is in such a state of misunderstanding and lack of clear communication, no one is listening. With all the advancement of new technology making communication easier and faster, no one is actually communicating.
  • Parents who give their kids names that guarantees they are destined to become ax murders or politicians who say stupid things. And, along these same lines, parents who make up the spelling of normal names in an effort to be unique then get mad when the rest of us spell the kid's name the normal way. Did you expect something different Maycee? Addisome? K'lowee? AnToeKnee?
  • Made up words or phrases no one ever used before and should never use again:

Fiscal cliff This one surfaced a few days ago after the election. I think "Fiscal Cliff" is just a new phrase for saying we are all financial doomed. It is a recession folks that will continue for a long, long time.

Push-back. I have raised my objections to this phrase a few times in other hubs. Push back is what your idiot supervisor, with less experience, calls your objecting to doing a meaningless, waste of time task. Ms. Supervisor does not like your round about way of telling her she is a complete moron since she already knows she is. Push back may get you fired if you do it too often but those of us with brains and common sense cannot help but give "push back".

Reach across the aisle: This one was used a few years ago and I knew instantly what it met. It means "hell no" not now, not ever will I work with you on any issue. Forget about it.

Transparency: Also came into American-speak a few years ago and like "Reach across the aisle" essentially means the opposite. If you ever hear anyone using this word immediately be on your guard. Typically it means "we are doing all within our power to hide, conceal and divert your attention from our real goal" which is usually to screw you.

  • I think it is high time all corporations do away with Mission Statements. Ask any bank or insurance company employee to cite their employer's mission statement, I bet they can't. Who wrote these pile of poo-poo words anyway? Guess they were trying to "reach out across the aisle of their customer base" and be "transparent".
  • Tattoos on any woman regardless of age but especially the oldies in the 40 and up demographics. I do not care who you are or what you do for a living or the highest grade of education you completed, you could have a PhD but to me, you just look stupid with that barbed wire tat on your upper arm or the wings over each saggy boob.
  • Outlawing of cigarette smoking in open spaces like at a park or the beach or in some cities: inside your own home. I do not smoke. I do not like the smell of smoke on my clothes or hair but I like freedom of choice. Where I live in Southern California, it seems politicians (there they go again telling us what to do) have virtually outlawed smoking anywhere and everywhere. There is such a stigma to smoking these days that you would think someone shooting heroine would get more respect than the poor sap just trying to have a quick smoke outside his office building!
  • Reality shows. Just when you thought trash television could not get any worse, here comes "Honey Boo-Boo", "Hillbilly Hand Fishin'" and "Duck Dynasty" come on! Really! This trash does not entertain and makes me feel very sad that the Springer crowd is real and they are our neighbors. I was under the incorrect assumption the guests on Jerry Springer were fake, turns out they are real. Talk about the dumbing down of America. We are all doomed. Maybe the end of the World is not the worst that could happen. Still waiting for Chris Kardashian to MOM UP and stop being the pimp to her adult daughters prostitution of their "talents". I have no desire to keep up with this dysfunctional family and their idiotic escapades, this show has no substance, ditto with Jersey Shore.
  • Entertainers also sometimes called singers, musicians who rap frequently using racist or sexist terms. These same people are the first to scream the loudest when others use these terms. Respect yourself or no one else will. Same with certain female singers who go to the extreme to be provocative doing the worst to exploit women than any sexist man has ever done. Again, respect yourself none of us can see your brain past the thongs, push up bras exposed and stiletto heels. When did stripper attire become mainstream dress?
  • Personal Responsibility, that's spelled R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y. Take responsibility, raise your children, work, pay your bills, clean your house, take charge. Do not expect anyone else to take care of your life unless you are a child, and if you are a child, you parents should be taking care of you and raising independent, self-sufficient adults. We do not look to government or business to bail us out.
  • To expound on the above, Business: make it or lose it on your own. The government also known as American Taxpayers, are not your personal ATM. Run your business as you should or do like a lot of small business owners have done--quit! Close up and re-group. The taxpayers do not owe you anything!Your CEOs are not entitled to million dollar bonuses because they drove business into the ground. People: you are not entitled to anything. If you get dealt some adversity in life, deal with it. Pull yourself up, dusty yourself off and get busy getting on with your life. The government is not your nanny and will not take care of you better than you can take care of yourself! Get over it and get going!

I would be lying if I said it is not cleansing to compile these lists every few years. Once again, I feel freed of my annoyance. Good riddance dumb things of life, you are dead to me.

© 2012, November.


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    • Askme profile image

      Pritchard 4 years ago

      Yes....I AGREE if more people thought like me the country would be much different. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? ha ha ha.

      Thank you billdo1603 for stopping by and voting. I really appreciate it that anyone reads my rants!!

    • billd01603 profile image

      billd01603 4 years ago from Worcester

      Great Hub Ask me, Voted up and funny. I agree with most of this writing. This country would be much different if more people thought like you

    • profile image

      Sanxuary 4 years ago

      Just selling dreams. No one can afford my super rich dream. The hot sexy more then one person dream still popular but everyone keeps wondering who the hell the father is. My two for one special with purple dragons and pink bunnies is still selling pretty good though. What I discovered recently is that selling dreams only means one thing. You really have nothing to sell. I guess I will just sit here and wait for my life to begin. Until then enjoy the Comedy Special, I call it life.

    • Askme profile image

      Pritchard 5 years ago

      Where is the news Sanxuary? All I see is slant, slant and more slant by both sides--no real newsworthy stuff, only political agendas and informercials disguised as "news".

      Yes I should have added commercials. IF I see one more erectile dysfunction commercial or a lady with bladder control problems I will SCREAM!! I know our generation did not invent these problems, what did people do back in the old days????

      Thank you for stopping by and posting.

    • profile image

      Sanxuary 5 years ago

      You said it, way to go. Corporate life is like living one big advertisement. Big numbers you never got paid, way to go, pat yourself on the back. That millionaire CEO never did crap in my department today, let me drive my piece of junk home to my white trash neighbourhood. These people would have a wonderful time laying some whoop a/// on Jerry Springer or any idiot with the likes of so called reality television. You should add stupid f///ing commercials to your list. Did you really land that 747 in your pick up bed? How many people after three years of advertising need a free catheter and just how good does it feel? Does Hoover Round really take me every where ever I want to go? I guess I will just put my vibrating twister on and enjoy the experience with out anyone being here at all. Last of all despite so much material are all the true trash people watching network news. Where is the News? A bunch of made up experts because they say so. A bunch of rich news celebrity's giving you someone's agenda, wake up and be real.

    • Askme profile image

      Pritchard 5 years ago

      Kelleyward, I totally agree. No one is entitled to anything plus we only appreciate what we actually work for. I need to edit my hub and add that. Thank you for reminding me and thanks for stopping by!

    • profile image

      kelleyward 5 years ago

      I agree with a lot of what you said. Some things do need to go away. I would like to add irresponsibility to that list. It's time people everywhere stand up to take responsibility for their own actions, livelihood, and future. I enjoyed reading this! Kelley