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Some of The White Folks in Georgia And The Carolinas Are Going Back To Their Racial Vomit

Updated on November 23, 2011

Some of The White Folks in Georgia And The Carolinas Are Going Back To Their Vomit

I would venture to say that some of the white folks down in Georgia and parts of the Carolinas would never give up, say, Thanksgivings to make up for days their children missed from school, but many of those same people are doing so for Martin Luther King’s (hereinafter MLK) birthday celebration. As a traditional Christian, who believes that the truth is not relative, I have few friends among many of my black brothers and sisters because I refused to let any racial issues take precedence over the primacy of the teachings of Christ… but on this issue, I agree that this act of making up the missed school days on MLK’s birthday is a manifestation of their racism - I am always amazed that this behavior is coming from those who call themselves traditional Christians.

When I was in law school, one of my roommate’s girl-friend came to visit from North Carolina… and during a spirited debate, she opined that her mother was a Christian, yet her mother did not like the Jews. I thought that was rather strange coming from a Christian… I then told my roommate’s girlfriend that Jesus came as a Jew and that the very Bible that her mother read was written by Jews except for Luke… and even he converted. Instead of responding, my roommate’s girlfriend took off up the stairs mad as hell. It was during a Socratic debate in my Constitutional Law class when one of my white female classmates, dripping with hatred, said that blacks were responsible for most of the heinous crimes… yes, I agreed to what she had said, but added that if I were looking for a pedophile or a serial killer, I would first look at the white guy - you couldn’t have heard a pin drop in the class. I believe what the Apostle Paul said, which was that… we all are capable of doing evil, but only through the grace of God many of us escape from engaging in such deeds, regardless of race….

I agree that one cannot force white folks who hate blacks to celebrate MLK’s birthday, but do not say that it is not borne out of racism… man up about your motives! I know that racism is not rational and I know that many times all blacks are judged collectively for the acts of the hoodlums out there. I would like someone to tell me what is it that MLK did in his life that wasn’t worthy of a national holiday… save for being murdered in his quest for equality? I wonder what did the countless blacks who fought and died in all of America’s wars do so for… I would hope that it was for the potential of what Democracy aspired to be… that all men are created….

In the Gospels, we are admonished not to go back to our vomit like dogs… and some of the white folks down in Georgia and the Carolinas are doing just that - there are those who would argue that their diet of racial vomit has never left their menus. When I was a boy, I had newly came to these shores… when my brothers and I witnessed our father hugging this white man in Oakland, California; when we inquired who the man was… we were told by dad that it was his Vietnam Army buddy. My dad went on to say how ironic it was that it took the battlefield in “Nam” for some whites and blacks to see the humanity in each other. Race in America, specifically that between black and white, is the sin that works corruption of blood and if MLK’s life does not warrant a holiday, then we as Americans are lost.

A couple of months ago, our President wrote a children’s book where he gave props to Sitting Bull… many were up in arms because he paid positive homage to the Native American chief. I must remind those who were mad because of the President’s paying respect to Sitting Bull that our legal tender, the $20.00 bill, has the image of President Jackson – what traditional Christian, including those in Georgia and the Carolinas, can read our history and hope for Jackson’s sake that he is not roasting in hell.


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