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Someone Sold the Prime Minister Of Pakistan

Updated on June 17, 2016

Sale of Prime Minister on ebay

When I saw the sale of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on ebay I laughed continuously, everyone asked me what happened? When I tried to tell them I laughed even more loudly.

Really, I have never seen such an amazing sale.

Do you know what the whole story is?

An unknown eBay user put Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for sale on the e-commerce website and reffered him as 'useless'. LOL How daring !!!!

The Prime Minister of Pakistan is said Useless and Defective in this sale.
In the Item Condition He was described as New with Defects.Title was given Useless Pakistani pm Nawaz Sharif foor sale.
When I checked the Shipping Details I laughed out loudly, In this section it was clearly written that He may not be shipped to Pakistan.Contact Seller for shipping option?
Now just imagine the shipping of P.M.

Brother of P.M. was free of cost with P.M. as a free gift.

This news is more interesting than a comedy movie. I am surprised that whoz mind is working behind this creation. Isn't it so creative? I do not want to make a fun of Pakistani Prime Minister because its already done, I just want to find humor out of a humorous news.

I am sure many of you will not be aware about this ad. So what are you waiting for, search this fun on internet and laugh freely as I did.


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