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Something Must be Done about the World Population

Updated on July 26, 2017


Overpopulation of human beings has and is still, the single most pressing concern in the world today. This issue has silently aggravated the forces of habitat loss, environmental pollution, global warming, extinction of the mass, and natural resources including arable land, fresh water, and fossil fuels among others at an alarming rate. Further, overpopulation is also behind environmental degradation as well as global warming. If nothing is done to curb this ever-increasing population, there will be no option but to wait for the extinction of the world.


According to the projections by the United Nations, over four million people will be living in water scarce nations by 2050, up from a billion in 2010. Although more people once meant more innovation, ingenuity, and talent, today casts a different perspective since this translates to less food, water, land and other resources for every person (United Nations, 2017). The consisted population surge has limited the capacity of the atmosphere to control the heat-trapping gases that have the capability of causing irreversible harm on earth. In essence, the implications of the rising population are still apparent particularly through the deteriorating world economy, which has subsequently affected many nations. This dwindling economy also implies fewer jobs, lesser credit, surging price of food, energy and a high cost of living, increasing level of poverty, and the widening gap between the rich and the poor. These facts will certainly make anyone, whether individually or as a group, to think of doing something concerning human population and its management.

The consequences of a higher population should be convincing enough for governments to encourage its citizens to control the number of children they decide to have. This is important in not only helping in the sustainability of the planet but also in ensuring that families get the number of children that they can comfortably care for. Governments need to align population growth with the economic growth by finding means of reducing the national totality fertility rate. The total fertility rate is the number of births a healthy woman is able to conceive by the age of 45 (Sato, 2006). The government can effectively implement this by creating awareness on the need for family planning, and available methods of doing so. Furthermore, there should be a massive distribution of contraceptives, as well as other methods of family planning which should be available to married couples free of charge. If the population is sensitized on these issues, there is high likelihood that many will opt for the same and hence; help in controlling the population.


Having experienced the impact of consisted population increase, it would not be wise for any country or individual to just sit back and do nothing as the population continues to grow uncontrollably. This would put pressure on the available resources, infrastructure, and certainly a country’s economy. This is also the same case with families, whose health and general wellbeing will be negatively impacted because of few or low space, food, resources and other amenities. Therefore, anyone should find the idea of controlling human growth crucial.


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    • Nyamweya profile image

      Silas Nyamweya 6 months ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Thanks for your addition Guzman, but I think if abortion is legalized, it will encourage a lot of irresponsibility where people do sex and then resort to aborting. Abortion should not be part of a solution to curb overpopulation

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 6 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      You left out one thing buddy, abortion. It should be legal and easily accessible to everyone. People are born and die everyday. My main concern is having a self sustaining healthy planet and we can see from there. Interesting perspective though.