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Sometimes You Have to Laugh About Mr. Obama or You'll Cry

Updated on June 30, 2010

I really need to visit this web site more often. I soon will be traveling to see my precious grand baby Kaylee Michele for her very first birthday party. I won't be on these pages often so I'm going to have to leave it to the other Patriots who Hub here - you know who you are -- to carry the torch for liberty and freedom. (if I leave anyone out, forgive me!) breakfastpop, Tom Whitworth, outdoorsguy, SheriSapp, Army Infantry Mom, jiberish, ehern33, billyaustindillon, Hmrjmr1, Harvey Stelman, Wayne Brown, Karrl, tom hillert, eovery, nicomp, American Romance ---  et al. Carry on!

Wink, wink.

In the meantime - I laughed until the tears rolled down my cheeks over this email. I'm so glad I clicked on the *ss related links because it gave me a much needed break from the travesty of the Obama administration. Well, in a way. At least it offered me an opportunity to laugh instead of cry...but I actually did cry because I laughed so hard...well, you know what I mean!

I used to think this guy was cool and had class - it was the one thing I could cling to - the one thing I could count on that I could say positive about him. Well...turns out...he's not always cool.

Note to the Prez: Ah next time, when Spike Lee gives you advice (apparently he's the one who told him he had to "get mad" - thanks Spike) - don't take advice from this man ever--- ever---again.

Here's an edited version of the email I received with the links. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

"Your Daily Articles

Does this look like a guy who could kick anyone’s _*ss?

Posted: 13 Jun 2010 02:49 PM PDT

Dukakis in the tank. Kerry in the NASA clean room outfit. And now Barack Obama gritting his teeth as he’s dragged along behind a crazed Portuguese Water Dog.

Commander In Chief. President of the United States. Most powerful man in the world. Oh, yeah, this is one scary, _ss kickin’ dude.

[For a hilarious article that further explains the other pictures to the right - be sure to click below]

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  1. Is anyone really afraid this guy is going to kick his _*ss? Seriously."

Are you afraid President Obama can kick your *ss?

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    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Thanks for calling me a patriot!

    • cjv123 profile image

      Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

      If you read my Hubs - you'd know that while I don't hammer Republicans as often, I hammer Republicans, Independents etc. as well. Because I do get my news from various sources - like The Wall Street Journal and numerous other sources - I form my own opinion and do not follow any crowd, be they Republican, Democrat or otherwise. Truth is truth. Facts are facts. The only thing - the only person I follow unconditionally is Jesus Christ. He is where I place my trust. No earthly organization, ever -- will receive my complete trust.

      And I know sarcasm/irony/sardonic/facetious very well - I use it sometimes with someone who is snotty or attempts to act superior as you were doing. You are a stranger - you wrote comments on my Hub - unsolicited I might add -- you sounded like a twit. A young, immature twit. I was just using sarcasm as a tool to show you how obnoxious you were being.

      Even from your profile photo - possibly an attempt at humor, but looking at your expression I see a young obnoxious man. See the differences in our profile photos? Mine -friendly-inviting.

      I read your comments - look at your profile photo - I draw conclusions and put you in your place.

      I'm old enough to be your mother -- at least - this is my Hub - my HOUSE if you will. Be polite - or didn't anyone raise you to be so? Do you just burst into someone's house and offer your strong opinion in an adversarial and insulting way to a bunch of strangers?

      I would hope the answer to that would be "No." Don't do it here - or be prepared for a tongue lashing in the least or having your comments denied.

    • profile image

      jambo87 7 years ago

      Rhetorical...hmm the meaning eludes me. What does it mean? (Look up sarcasm/irony/sardonic/facetious) Anyone who is so fanatically tied to the left or right isn't worth arguing with. You all rehash the same rubbish again and again. Forget Republicans and Democrats. Think for yourself.

    • cjv123 profile image

      Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

      And where did I ever write jambo - that I "take my news from only one source?" Duh we funded the Taliban when they were fighting the Soviets, your point? Rhetorical.

      And it is a war on terror whether or not it was officially declared - regardless, the President did what he did with the blessings of almost every single Democrat and Republican in the House and Senate at the time. Again, your point? Again- rhetorical - I don't need you to answer. Look the word up in a dictionary.

    • profile image

      jambo87 7 years ago

      Taking your ideas from any one source is more ignorant. I've never read the Huffington Post. Research Afghan history starting with Alexander's conquest in the area. Try finding out who funded the Taliban when they were fighting the Soviets.

      Just because they call it "The War on Terror" doesn't make it official. War was never declared on either country. The parlance is "police action".

      How does being either right-wing or left-wing make one less ignorant? We just have different morals and ideals, there is nothing wrong with that.

    • cjv123 profile image

      Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

      jambo87 He didn't start "two wars" nor did the President before him - the Taliban started the war, on our soil, it was called 9/11 - and it's ONE war anyway. It's called, "The War on Terror". It happened after 9/11 too. The then President, a real man who acted like one - told the world if you aid or help or allow terrorists in your country, you too are our enemy. That's what happened in Iraq. Saddam Hussein was giving money, aid and allowed training camps in Iraq - for the express purpose of the terrorists. Stop reading the Huffington Post - try The Wall Street Journal - you'll find yourself far less ignorant.

    • profile image

      jambo87 7 years ago

      At least he didn't start two wars. As long as my president has big muscles is all that concerns me.

      I don't mean to defend Obama, he is no different from any politician, it just irks me when a man is cajoled for not being masculine. Reinvent gender roles, the current ones aren't working too well...

    • cjv123 profile image

      Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks Garynew!

    • garynew profile image

      garynew 7 years ago from Dallas, TX and Sampran, Thailand

      As a proud member of "et al"...have a nice trip!

    • cjv123 profile image

      Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

      I'm in heaven! And thanks for stopping by Wayne, always great to "see" you! I'm posting photos on Facebook like mad - I'm THE most insane Nana! LOL! The rest of the time - when she's not napping - I'm soaking in every moment with my Kaylee! God bless! Carol

    • Wayne Brown profile image

      Wayne Brown 7 years ago from Texas

      Thanks for funny one,Carol...enjoy the little one! WB

    • profile image

      ericsomething 7 years ago

      H'mmm ... he does look like he'd been beaten up a few too many times in the schoolyard ... by the dog.

    • SheriSapp profile image

      SheriSapp 7 years ago from West Virginia

      Have a safe trip and enjoy the grandbaby time. We will miss you, but we will keep fighting the good fight. Thanks for the photos and the caption about Barry being dragged by the dog....PRICELESS!

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 7 years ago

      Have a wonderful visit and know that you will be missed. You always make me look on the bright side and I love you for that. We'll keep the nation safe from Obama in your absence.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 7 years ago from America

      You know we will take up the torch, hurry back, excellent write!

    • cjv123 profile image

      Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks Dr. Cris - it's a pleasure to see your comments. I haven't seen those bumper stickers - what a riot! You're absolutely right - I say to anyone who admits it - "So how's that hopey changy thing goin' for ya??" LOL

    • cjv123 profile image

      Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

      Sis - you're such a hoot! Love you! carol

    • CornerStone51 profile image

      CornerStone51 7 years ago from Mifflintown, PA

      Thanks for the chuckles Sis. I am going to miss you while you are with Miss Kaylee...but I know it will be a blessed time for sure!

      OBAMA...One Bad Assed Mistake America!!!!!!!

    • drcrischasse profile image

      drcrischasse 7 years ago from NH/Foxboro

      Great read. I was in Virginia this weekend and I saw a bunch of Obama bumper stickers that had Obama's "O" and oops after it. Like I tell all the Obama voters I know, "Good call on that guy!!!!!"

    • jiberish profile image

      jiberish 7 years ago from florida

      CJV, funny stuff. Enjoy your grand kids. I'm fortunate to be able to see them every day, talk about unconditional love. Have a good trip.

    • Tom Whitworth profile image

      Tom Whitworth 7 years ago from Moundsville, WV


      Thanks for the mention. Enjoy your grandchild.

      Now to business, Obama doesn't have to do any *ss kicking he has SEIU thugs to do that for him!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mshunt profile image

      mshunt 7 years ago

      This hub was a crack up. I had never seen those pictures before. Thanks for sharing them with the rest of us.

    • sheila b. profile image

      sheila b. 7 years ago

      Have a nice vacation and a wonderful visit with your grandchildren. We'll just come back here for a laugh now and then while you're away.

    • cjv123 profile image

      Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

      I know - I know - rkhyclak - but this really was a hoot. They are being picky of course - because most of the time he looks cool and well dressed and is actually very classy looking no matter what he does. Except for these shots. What a riot! I just had to laugh myself silly! LOL! Thanks for stopping by!

    • rkhyclak profile image

      rkhyclak 7 years ago from Ohio

      hehe funny stuff. I know I shouldn't be making fun of him for appearances and the like, but seriously...what a dork lol

    • cjv123 profile image

      Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks so much Tina! I take myself too seriously sometimes - I needed the break! LOL!

    • TinaMarieTad profile image

      TinaMarieTad 7 years ago from Michigan

      Enjoy your trip, grandchildren are wonderful..I can wait a few years as my children are still teens...

      You did bring up some humor, and you are right, you have to laugh or you will cry... What a state America is in, and it does not appear to be getting better any time soon...Thanks for the Hub to lighten things up!