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Sometimes, only sometimes

Updated on July 29, 2016

Day 28 July 2016, in the city where live, right in front of my house, we heard a few noises saying: AGARRENLO AGARRENLO, this STEALING! The look me out the window of my house, actually, had captured 2 young men of approximately of 15 to 17 years. They had stolen a bag and tried to steal a truck.The thing was that people who captured him began to insult and beating these thugs. But reach a point where passed him a bike on top, they started him beating witha stick on the head and everyone who passed gave kicks on all sides. To which I started to scream that all the people who joined this heinous act were a few animals and even rage I started to cry.

And you could say, cry? Because?. I tell them that I have always been a person verypeaceful, which does not tolerate any form of physical or verbal violence. To the observed that until my own family is joined to this, break out of the rage. In my mind just couldn't thinking sad and regrettable that Venezuelan society has become, we have to reach the point of mistreating 2 people that s absurd way, I understand that they are thieves, but they are still people, I think that is right and a civilian can not choose what is correct. I there for that authorities, say that they can choose what to dowith them. Is the more unfortunate thing of the matter that the authorities arrived and they did? N A D A, only saw what they did, asked if they ended, said that those who would make the witnesses took and went.I don't know if it was bad, obviously for me the perspective is quite clear. If they were seized just might give one another blow, because simply the Venezuelan is tired of that other come to easily remove you what has been obtained, with great effort but getting to the point of nearly killing a person is another thing, today's societies simply have other methods, and if Venezuela wants a change should begin this change by ourselves. A person I call psychopath, who was defending a malandro, to whichI replied: "I simply defend who has to defend, if she was a relative of mine, defend, ifnot also, and if it is a rogue and I see that it is unfairly treated also defend it" and asthat was worse, because it tells me : "Of course, because you're the Robin Hood" thing that I bother much.

I believe that it is impossible to deal with people with closed minds, that their actions are unconsciously and scoff at the suffering of others. I think that's main problemand the reason why my country does not progress, they have gotten us into the head that progress is a bad thing and we begin to live like cavemen.I need to know if I am wrong, if I did the right thing, if they think like me, or just I'ma strange person, or that only I am a proud Venezuelan and who refuses to accept what happens in my country.

Winiffer Flores

July 29, 2016


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