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“Sorry, But Your Son Must Die.” - Charlie Gard and the Floor of Hell

Updated on July 28, 2017

"Sorry, but your son must die." - Charlie Gard and the Floor of Hell

“Sorry, but your son must die.” - Charlie Gard and the Floor of Hell

ObamaCare, the Democrat party designed government healthcare plan, is failing; it was designed to fail. It is no secret that what the Democrats really want is a single, third party payer, socialized medical system as in Canada or Britain, and the failure of ObamaCare will provide the Democrats and many Republicans as well with the excuse they need to propose exactly that as the only means to fix the problem. The idea that a single, third party payer system is superior to a free enterprise system is an article of faith to those of the left, who hate seeing their friends who are street artists, poets, and urban organic farmers going without medical insurance. The fact that “healthcare” is not and can never be a right does not impede them in their attacks on consumers’ freedom of choice concerning healthcare insurance and providers. But loss of freedom to choose insurers and physicians and hospitals is minor compared to what Charlie Gard’s parents in England are losing: their son.

For those of you not familiar with the case of Charlie Gard, he is an infant in Britain suffering from an extremely rare disease, mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, which is almost always fatal in infancy. He has been kept, since birth, in the hospital, but the doctors (servants of the British Socialized National Health Service) soon judged him to be a lost cause, and decided that he should be allowed to die. Not surprisingly, Charlie’s parents took exception to this decision and have waged a months’ long fight in the British courts to be allowed, at their own expense, to seek further, different treatment for Charlie, outside of the British National Health Service.

Now, most people (at least of my acquaintance) would say: ‘Why not, he’s their child and it’s their money.’ However, the entrenched bureaucrats of the British National Health Service do not see it that way. They see it like this: “Since the British public surrendered their healthcare options to we of the National Health Service, decades ago, we have been the sole arbiters of what can and cannot be done medically for all those who are cared for under our aegis. We have decided that the child has no chance of survival and that extending its life would only extend its pain and suffering, therefore, why should we surrender our stewardship of the child’s health to its parents? What right have they to prolong the child’s suffering in the vain hope that some other, experimental treatment might prolong his life even if they are willing to bear the expense? They have no right to do so; we and we alone have complete medical say-so in this and all other matters. Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Gard, but your son must die.”

When Sarah Palin spoke of “death panels” as being an intrinsic part of socialized medicine she was ridiculed by every voice from the left. Yet, here, in the case of poor Charlie Gard and his parents we see a death panel unmasked, laid bare to the full light of day. This particular death panel is not making its decision because of cost, but because it has determined that the patient is going to die anyway so to try any further treatment would be uselessly prolonging the suffering of the patient. Therefore, the parents have no legal right to remove their son from National Health Service care and bring him to any other providers even at their own expense.

This exposes the greed of entrenched bureaucrats, their need for control, for absolute power over all those in their grasp. Their unwillingness to bend, even in the case of parents trying to keep their baby alive at their own expense. Hospitals from all over the world have offered to try various treatments for free to try to help Charlie; the President of The United States offered to pay for all transportation and ancillary costs out of his own pocket, but still the bureaucrats refused to relent. And now, the British courts have shut the door on poor Charlie and his parents in a decision handed down today. Charlie must die.

When the British public, through its election of the Labor (Socialist) government after World War Two, created Britain’s National Health Service, they thought they were moving a step closer to heaven on earth. It was a move made with the best of intentions. However,as has often been said: attempts to create heaven on earth usually result in Hell on earth, and, as I have observed, not only is the road to Hell paved with good intentions, but the very floor of Hell itself. And, right now Charlie Gard’s parents are standing on the Floor of Hell.

The question is, knowing all this, do the citizens of the United States of America want to stand on the Floor of Hell too?

© 2017 HoratiusSpeaks


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