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South Africa 2017 - in Poetry

Updated on April 24, 2017

SA Today - 2017

Oh my hat – what about that

Most of our population have become so fat!

Our schooling levels have dropped so low

that we don’t even know what we don’t know!

Our students protest and burn libraries for free education,

yet cannot grasp the fact that we are almost an impoverished nation.

Rhodes must fall, fees must fall, Whites must fall,

but Black Rhodes scholars, when offered, hypocritically, take it all!

Politicians from the ANC assume that everything is free

and happily fleece their voters with smiles of greedy glee!

Corruption is not corruption unless you make a huge mistake

and then you can rely on the support of Number One - who has everything at stake!

Sporting codes are torn apart by quota chasing administrators

who only fly first class and care nothing for the comfort of the real game makers.

Olympic athletes wear ill-fitting kit and fail to receive promised rewards

while politicians speak loudly to claim they really earned all the awards!

SAPS are now really called that – and the man on the street laughs at the Men in Blue -

while bogus emergency calls and arson give the Cape a smoky and politically orange hue.

Cape Flats gangs kill little ones and no-one seems to stop it all

while politicians promise action - yet always drop the ball!

Tenderprenuers walk richly free and pay their ANC puppets a slice of the cake –

It’s all a selfish game called How much Can We All Make?

Incompetence stalks the boardrooms of parastatals, with comrades turned directors,

while profits freefall and those to blame avoid the questions of inspectors!

The Board less SABC, driven to financial ruin by the crazy all-important Hlaudi

scorned the parliamentary committee and failed to see that the future was only cloudy! (Sorry)

The Public Protector’s Office handed over to a Zuma-held successor, who wasted no time

in trying to convince us that Madonsela was guilty of some heinous crime.

Our President spoke of stamping out corruption and ended with the cry of “Amandla”,

but never once saw the problems and conflict that struck us all with Nkandla!

Arms deal, nuclear too, and many secret offshore accounts

which soon become filled with money in huge amounts!

SAA and Dudu Myeni falling from the skies

and the buying of new planes covered by a pack of lies!

ANC war room and dirty tricks at the time of the election

Now exposed to the nation’s total inspection.

Incompetent officials and politicians blame the past

for their inability to deliver anything fast!

Loyal voters live desperate lives in township squalor and poverty

while elected leaders drive the latest air-conditioned Discovery.

Stand up people of the South! Let us not go gently into the dying of the Rainbow Nation,

but instead, let us unite and fight to reclaim out rightful station.


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