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Southern Laws

Updated on June 14, 2013
Mom Faces More Jail Time Than the Drunk Driver Who Killed Her Son — WHY?quel

Raquel Nelson faces more charges than the drunk driver responsible for her son's death.

Let's review the situation. A mother crosses the street illegally with her child. Her son dies at the hand of a drunk driver, who served months in jail.

Foolish decision to illegally cross the street -yes.

Someone operating a motor vehicle while drunk = CRAZY

Justification of arresting and jailing the mother of the victim for years - CRAZY!

One can be as self-righteous as they want but the ultimate sadness and hurt from the decision to illegally cross the street with your child was the death of your little boy. The loss of his smile, hugs, kisses, or seeing him walk through your door. For a mother, I believe there is no greater loss than to wonder if your actions would have prevented harm to your child. Where is the mercy in these laws/sentences?

This story made me consider a judge that always said that he hoped to balance justice with mercy. Some laws are just crazy and you can't help but to see injustice in the application of the law.


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