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Is American Government Adhering To The Constitution?

Updated on February 17, 2012

Is America under threat of becoming a socialist country? Many people believe so. The constitution was written by our founding fathers to preserve liberty.

America has been a shining beacon of liberty for centuries, because of our understanding and adherence to the Constitution.

The Constitution of The United States of America has always been under attack. Andrew Jackson opposed and abolished the national bank, because it was, among other things, unconstitutional.

If Andrew Jackson could see that a national bank was unconstitutional, why have we allowed the Federal Reserve to exist? The banks in the Federal Reserve umbrella are solely responsible for bankrupting America.

They own all of the backing for our currency. They print money as if wealth is supposed to appear out of thin air. When more money is printed, where do the think the value comes from?

Did the Federal Reserve inherit more assets? No. They simply printed more paper. This means that the value of your dollar keeps getting weaker. In the 94 or so years that the Federal Reserve has existed, the value of the dollar has diminished by 96%.

This information begs the question, "How long will it then take for the dollar bill to lose that last 4% of its value?" Why would the Federal Reserve do this to us? That answer is really quit easy to understand, if you can see past the spin of popular media.

The Federal Reserve is trying to bankrupt America to warm its citizens up to the New World Order. If you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, the frog will jump out. However, if you put a frog in a pot of lukewarm warm and slowly bring it to boil, the frog will sit in the pot until it dies.

This is a gruesome picture to some, but nothing like what is going to happen to America and its citizens if we allow socialism to take over our government. I've seen many websites and articles that call Capitalism "a form of socialism".

Capitalism may not be perfect, but socialism is dictatorship! We've seen this before many times throughout the history of Earth. Socialism is pure evil.  We need to keep it out of the government of America, and we need to get back to the Constitution in order to do that.

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