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Space Available

Updated on August 1, 2013
Good Earths! Send more wagons, now!
Good Earths! Send more wagons, now! | Source

The Ultimate Trip

I’m ready. I’ve gotten over any fear and all anxiety. I accept that The End is near. I’ve tried to think of it as an incredible experience and comparably peaceful passing. Although I may forever be disassociated from things so dear to me, I hope whatever awaits me will somehow ease the pain. But it’s a waste of time to worry about any of it except preparing personally. It’s taken a lot of thought.

Some folks believe that we were initially installed here by beings from outer space a long time ago, emphasis on “outer” and “long". Maybe they “farmed” us or left us as explorers, or we were the pets they intentionally forgot at the rest stop along the journey. Bottom line, we stayed, we progressed.

Now, according to this belief, things are reaching a critical point here and an intervention is necessary, and inevitable. It will result in the offending civilization being, essentially, removed. Here today, gone tomorrow, like being banned from the game for intending far too many penalties. No sass, bud, you're outta here!

Here’s something sensational to consider. Did you know that there actually have been individual societies, entire civilizations that have disappeared throughout history without a trace? Nada, zip, zilch, nuttin’, honey. Some of these cultures simply dissolved into, or were taken over by, others that may not have been more capable but were suitably situated for the circumstances.

But several instances feature suspicious circumstances that defy earthly explanation. Theories abound, some more scientific than others. Then there’s faith and a gut feeling which shouldn’t be dismissed after studying the evidence. Perhaps there are no mysteries, maybe just cover stories. Likely we’ll never really know. Or we’ll find out directly.

Nobody's home. No one left a light on.
Nobody's home. No one left a light on. | Source

The Way of the Ancients

Speculation on reasons for disappearances include floods, fires, earthquakes, volcanoes, climate/environmental changes affecting living conditions, famine or plague, internal implosion or enemy invasion, or bad grub combined with Excessive Halitosis Syndrome. What’s cool is that some of these disappearances seem more like organized evacuations, not hurried, chaotic incidents.

The folks listed here just up and vamoosed. Calamity or catastrophe or cool magic
trick, they’re gone leaving behind, at best, some crumbling structures and
miscellaneous broken stuff lying around; they didn’t even leave a note!

Entire Civilizations That Didn't Even Say "So Long, Suckers!"

The Clovis Culture
North American plains area
10,000 BC
Climate and/or comet
Cucuteni-Trypillian Cultere
Eastern Europe area
2750 BC
Drought impacting farming
The Myceanaeans
Mediterranean area
1600 BC
Civil unrest, possible invasion
The Minoans
See Myceanaeans
1400 BC
Volcano, unlivable conditions
The Harappan Civilization
Pakistan/Western India
1300 BC
River system dried up
The Nabateans
Middle East
300 AD
Altered trade routes, or mis-turn
The Anasazi
Southwest United States
1300 AD
May have become Hopi or Zuni
The Chaco Canyon-Star People
Southwest United States
1130 AD
Acute appreciation of astronomy
The Dine' People
Southwest United States
Still here folks, but check this
Creation story includes portal!
Under The Sea
Long, long ago
Great myth, groovy tune
Did these folks disappear from the reasons listed, or were they helped by Alien Sponsors?
Anasazi village left behind in a cliff. Yup!
Anasazi village left behind in a cliff. Yup! | Source

Ancient Origins and ET’s In Spaceships

Some of these “lost” civilizations were taken after stumbling into epiphanies or achieving phenomenal success in Theology, Art, Science & Agriculture, Trade & Commerce, Medicine & Communication, and Architecture & Engineering, including sophisticated systems for plumbing and sanitation. Those last two get my vote as essential systems.

Despite their success, these cultures disappeared without ceremony. Were they told to take a hike? Were they taken because they had become “Mr. Big Pants” or because they reached critical mass in acting to the detriment of the planet and its people? Maybe these civilizations had completed their lesson plans and it was time to graduate and move on.

The theory here is that our time approaches because we are losing control. Humans have a frustrating penchant for allowing, if not creating, turmoil, suffering, confusion, inequality, distrust, and physical and psychological injury. Not only do we allow it, we busy ourselves with the daily grind of our own survival to successfully distract us from commiserating about it all.

Don’t get me wrong, I have not personally given up hope on humans. There are loads of great souls out there and I hope enough of them wake up and temper the madness before it’s too late. I think it’s great that human beings can tolerate each other and they should do it more often. Unfortunately, it's the intolerance that is plentiful and it's killing us, individually and collectively, slowly but surely.

So we must get out of the way before we kill the planet like we kill ourselves. Our exile is imminent, don’t try to run, hide, or resist. Our Ancients don’t want to hurt us but they will dispatch their stagehands with the hooks to find you and snag you by the neck if you fight. Don't embarrass yourself.


People Get Ready

Remember the hullabaloo over the Mayan calendar supposedly predicting the end of the world in 2012? False call, I guess. But tensions are rising all over the globe, one disaster follows another and more may be linked to climate change, and lots of little things are just going horribly wrong.

Here are two glaring examples of unforeseen and highly unusual occurrences:

  • Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI resigned from the papacy after duking it out with the devil for only a few years. Why? Maybe he had already gotten the message and realized there’s nothing he could do. Maybe he was just too depressed and didn’t have the heart to deal with all this junk. Maybe he wanted time to get ready, too.
  • Buddhism, known for its pacifism, right? Well there’s a sect of Buddhists terrorizing and killing Muslims and Christians in Asia. Yes, Buddhists killing people. It’s about as gruesome as it can get. (Explicit video confirmation at end of blog page)

Is anyone surprised that a Supreme Being must step to give humans an assist here? We are obviously proving unable to fix things ourselves and are provoking this intervention. So while their moment of arrival will be a surprise, their coming is not. There have been and continue to be signs, some are literally, painfully obvious; if you look you will see them. Deserving praise or punishment, here we are, and it may not be where our Sponsors had intended.

Good To Go & Standing By

How will they arrive? How am I supposed to know? I’m just as out-of-the-cosmic-loop as the next bozo. Not by bus or pedicab but they’ll probably just…appear. Like, there will be a tiny atmospheric disturbance and, Shazam!, they will just “be there” to beckon us away.

Now, contacting and exporting entire societies and even civilizations has surely gotten more difficult over the centuries. Maybe the Ancients used to show up in the mid-size flying saucers and started sending the “limo-bus” version when crowds became more plentiful. That would’ve worked up to a point. But they'll need to accommodate more of us now, at least several countries' worth of people.

Because they are all whiz-kids, our alien ancestors certainly have developed a better way of gathering us up. Not only will they take many more of us this time, but we’ll weigh more, too. Transporting our increased tonnage will definitely require lots more space hamsters or vastly improved technology.

So, how 'bout some type of portal, dimension-warp, wormhole, or celestial “kiss”-something where a space ship or traditional vessel will not be needed? Instead, we’ll experience something more like a door that we’ll just step through and continue moving away from here, hopefully to a better existence.

The appearance of this celestial warp “kiss” between dimensions might initially be noticed as a very bright star or intense light in the sky, such as a super-nova, emanating as they “approach”. It could seem to observers to last for days, or even weeks. But in the dimension of the Ancients, it would be just enough time to raid the fridge.

Whenever and however it happens, I hope it's soon, especially before any manned missions to Mars that would keep astronauts away for a while. It'd be really weird if they left only to return and find us gone, even if a lot of humans remained here and there. Then again, maybe it would give them a clean slate with which to continue with appropriate consideration.

I remember an episode of the classic sci-fi/fantasy TV show, The Twilight Zone, where aliens showed up with a guidebook called "To Serve Humans". Initially, it was thought to be instructions for taking care of and responding to our every beck and call, but it was finally deciphered to be a cookbook where any serving was on a platter! It's all perspective.

I'm pretty sure those coming to get us don't have it in mind to have us for lunch. I don't think they'll serve us in any capacity. They're superior in every way and would be far beyond putting up with any resistance. Maybe they will offer us a glimpse of the destruction we're destined to cause so we'll understand and agree to vacate without a hassle.

Meanwhile, it's a waiting game. I hope our hosts are as nice as the alien portrayed by Brian Dennehy in "Cocoon". A future like the one promised those humans would be far superior to any we'd manufacture. Of course there's no mention in the flick of what happens to the "bad" earthlings as there weren't any featured in the story. Time will tell.

Speaking of which, maybe it's time to pop in that DVD and get in the mood. I'm pretty much ready whenever they get here. You should get ready, too.

Uh-buh-duh-uh-buh-duh, we be gone, folks!
Uh-buh-duh-uh-buh-duh, we be gone, folks! | Source

Is Your Opinion One Of These Or Is It Too Much To Think About?

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Extremely Sobering Content Video

CONTENT WARNING: This is a very graphic video with horrible images of inhumanity. It is absolutely not appropriate for some users, it is your decision. I couldn't even get half-way through. But if you want proof that Buddhist terrorism exist, here it is. Confirmation of age is required prior to viewing.


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  • John Frawley profile imageAUTHOR

    John Frawley 

    5 years ago from Southern California

    Yeah, Mel. I just needed a little break from "gravity". I really appreciate your comment, all the way through. Thanks.

  • Mel Carriere profile image

    Mel Carriere 

    5 years ago from San Diego California

    With Buddhist terrorists running amok it really does seem like the apocalypse. I enjoyed your tongue in cheek approach to a very serious topic.


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