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Spicer – Is Headline News

Updated on April 11, 2017

Political Commentary

It wasn’t long ago that if a member of Trumps cabinet did or didn’t do something, the Media blamed him, but not on Monday. While the cherry blossoms swayed in the spring breeze much akin to Rosie O’Donnell’s chubby cheeks when she spews her anti-Trump dialogue.

Spicer said,

"I understand your point. Thank you. I appreciate that. He brought them into the Holocaust centers, I understand that. I was saying in the way that Assad used them where he went into town, dropped them into the middle of town. I appreciate the clarification. That was not the intent."

Many were taken aback by this comment that the death camps used by Hitler to exterminate Jews and many others, were called Holocaust Centers. He said that because now-a-days that is what they are, Centers to teach people about the Holocaust. In WWII they were concentration camps.

So snowflakes, put your wagging tongues back in your mouths and move on. Nothing to see here. But like the snowflakes you are, you will try to make this into a snow ball, when it isn’t even snowing.

Since midsummer of 2016 every misstep Trump, or any of his staff has made, was treated with hostility if not downright contempt. It all fell back onto him. The media pushed and pulled and hammered trying to pin Our President to the mat. He rebounded.

Since the bombs blew new potholes in the Assad’s runway, the media has turned to attacking Spicer. They didn’t blame Trump for Spicer’s remark and attacked Spicer directly, who, I might add, is my favorite member of Trumps team.

He has fight.

He has spunk.

He has the Irish in him.

Plus Pelosi is even calling for Spicer to resign because of the comment. See, if the Dem’s and the Media can’t take down the big guy, they will try to chip away at his base. Spicer however, is not one for Pelosi to try her liberal witchcraft on. He uses facts, and that’s something the liberals have long forgotten about.

Fake news not only circumvents their agenda, it is their foundation. It is the glue that holds narrow minded elitists like Pelosi and her Congressional and Senatorial co-hearts together. It is the fabric in which they cast their lies upon the college educated posh liberal millennials who soak it up like golden gravy in lush biscuits. Yum, please tell me more.

And the beats goes on…

Spicer will be a mainstay as Trumps Press Secretary for years to come or until he snaps, pulls an AR, and shoots the media room ceiling full of holes. He would never shoot the reporters, but might let off a little steam. Then he would drop the AR and smile that award winning smile, and say. “Andre, what’s your question?”


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