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Spin the tale on the Donkey

Updated on November 5, 2010

Redefining Rhetoric

The Democrats are making a last minute, "last ditch" effort to convince the American public to leave them in control of the senate. There is a very clear note of fear in the incumbents voices when they speak. Speaking of speaking, that is where much of their problems seem to lie, they are not speaking about the things that are important to the American public. What they are doing is the same old stuff they have done for the last two years, blaming the Republicans, down playing the current state of the union and lately saying that the American people are too afraid to make the right choice when they vote.

On Saturday the chairman of the Democratic campaign committee tell NPR radio that president Obama came into a national bank meltdown that if they had collapsed would have caused world chaos. While blaming the bank meltdown soley on the Republicans he went on to tell about the positive effects that the Democrats have had on America, The Bank bale outs, Obama care, Wall Street reform and a "shot at a cap and trade bill". The Democrats have also alleged that the Republicans were financing their candidates with foreign money. Their spin doctor of spiel Robert Gibbs, has come out publicly and demanded that the the Republicans reveal the source of their campaign contributions. While the Democratic party in the past has outright refused to reveal any of the sources of it's campaign funds.

Mud slinging and Mayhem

Any American voter worth their salt, should be ashamed of the "lower than dirt", methods of mudslinging that both sides have stooped to during this latest mid term elections. As mudslinging turns to mayhem the Democrats stoop to lower than low dirty tricks, such as the latest distasteful attacks on Republican candidate in Alaska. Even more shocking news of Democratic ruthless mayhem is the alleged voter fraud in Nevada this week. Then to make matters worse they have ask a Democrat to investigate the Democrats, that's like asking the fox to watch the hen house. It just goes to show that "desperate times call for dastardly dirty tricks" or at least that is what the Democrats have shown us..

Unwanted Accomplishments

It is definitely a sad day in the history of our nation when the best thing that it's leader can say for themselves is that they imposed changes on America that No one in America wanted. Yet that is exactly what the Democratic party is doing in this midterm elections. As America sobers from the intoxicating effects of the "hope and change" party the grim reality of paying the piper is beginning to sink in. The ominous Obama care brings with it a new burden to an already overburden tax paying public. Beginning in 2011 Americas insured will have to show the monetary amount of that insurance as disposable income  on their 2011 tax return. So if the Government values your insurance policy to be worth $10,000.00 that amount will be added to your 2011 W2 and you will be required to pay taxes on it. The Democrats brag about saving the banking industry while those same banks are foreclosing on literally hundreds of thousands of American homes because ten percent of America remains out of work and unable to find jobs. They further flaunt that they have overhauled Wall street,but have stood by as thousands of investors have lost their entire life savings due to ruthless tactics by Wall street brokers. All the so-called accomplishments that the Democrats brag about benefited no one but themselves and their party.

Hope and Change brings social unrest

Obama, Pelosi, and read, linked arms and tried with all that they had to push through a socialist regime in America, but America pushed back. Now America is mad, and we have let the Government know it. The Government however, is pretending not to notice and while the nation prepares to take back the Congress, the beer party Regime is desperately trying to pass some form of the "Cap and Trade" bill. This is another blatant disregard of the needs and wants of the American people, they are depending on their prolific speaking abilities of their fearless leader Obama. They are believing that he can rally the troops and make them popular again. Obama has the lowest rating of any American president in recent history(including Jimmy Carter) so it is doubtful that he will be of much help. The Democrats other hope is that they can you use the brainless and ruthless tactics of the mainstream media who no longer follow any form of a code of ethics and will stoop to any level promote their liberal agenda. It is the democrats hope that these liberal liars will be able to fabricate enough trash on their opponents to give them an edge to win, as they "spin the tale on the donkey". 


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    • sheila b. profile image

      sheila b. 7 years ago

      Great title and true words.