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Spiraling Rape Cases

Updated on October 12, 2017



All sorts of crime- murder, rape, robbery, burglary, kidnapping, hijacking etc are being committed every minute, every hour, and every day. There is virtually no place in the world, which is safe and secure for all- men, women, children and old people.

Rape is one beastly and despicable crime that has been spreading like wild fire in India and around the globe. Thousands of inhuman sexual crimes - gang rape, rape and murder, sparing not even minors and elderly women- have become regular incidents. Should we just remain as nonchalant spectators when our land and society are engulfed in the darkness of this evil wickedness? Morality, perhaps, is at its lowest ebb as human knowledge and wisdom come advancing into the world and our land. Cable Television and internet have come to stay permanently with us. Videos and movies depicting bestial and brazen sexual perversions are inundating our electronic as well as print media, powerfully influencing, degrading and debasing the overall sexual mentality, outlook and philosophy of people of all ages.

Thousands of heinous crimes- rape, gang rape, rape and murder cases- have been taking place but very few of the perpetrators/criminals have been awarded befitting or deterrent punishments. So the question arises whether our legal and law enforcing systems are incompetent or inadequate or whether it is the lack of public concern, will and determination to fight this evil wickedness in our country/state. Is this evil thriving so rampantly in our midst on account of our society and our law enforcing agencies being tolerant and lenient?

Undoubtedly, a number of factors are responsible for the unabated increase of sexual crimes. However, there are some powerful ones, which could be taken into consideration such as laxity in enforcement of law, absence or lack of fear of deterrent punishments, excessive indecent exposure and promotion of licentious lifestyle in the multimedia that includes movies, television, internet; tolerant and lenient society, government, religious bodies etc

Under laxity in law enforcement, what is generally witnessed is the failure of awarding the deserved or befittingly deterrent punishment to the beastly criminals who commit heinous unimaginable crimes. With few exceptions like those Delhi rapists who were involved in the gang rape and murder of a girl, most other such criminals who committed similar crimes in different parts of India still escape the punishment that they deserve. As a result, there is a lack or absence of fear on the part of the criminals and potential criminals that they will receive fitting punishment for the crime that they are contemplating to commit.

Another powerful contributing factor in the rise of such crimes could be excessive indecent exposure indulged by celebrities and others on the media, which tantamount to promotion of licentious and permissive lifestyle. Tremendous negative influence is exerted upon the immature and gullible minds of both potential victims as well as predators.

Deluge of pornographic materials on the internet and other avenues of our digital world could be yet another influential factor. Now all these websites and all those materials are freely accessible to all interested persons and individuals; thanks to the Information Superhighway on which both divine gospel as well as devil’s toys are equally disseminated.

Coming to the eradication/alleviation of this social epidemic: it definitely requires the participation and involvement of various entities: judiciary, religious, legislative, law-enforcing agencies, civil bodies in the endeavour to find ways and means of alleviating and eradicating this evil from the society and land. Inarguably, some new and more stringent laws have been passed in the parliament, but the problem is in the effective enforcement and application of the laws.

Complete eradication of such beastly crimes may not be possible but significant and considerable results can be achieved if serious, resolute, collective and concerted efforts are made by the society as a whole. Deterrent punishments in accordance with the law will also go a long way in curbing sexual crimes. To achieve this, both the law enforcing agencies and the judiciary system need to be completely free from political and corrupt interferences. Institution of separate special courts to exclusively deal with sexual violence will also help much in accelerating the process of awarding punishments.

Social experts and thinkers need to make some serious efforts to uncover and identify the factors contributing to the rise of sexual violence and formulate and suggest means and measures to effectively deal with this inhuman evil.


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