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Spirit House versus You

Updated on April 21, 2016


If you played all the roles of all the beliefs you believed in in life and they were all of the Earth then in your Heaven you would be the roles complete. If you believed in nothing in life then you are the void in the spirit, the houses that believed in Hell would be in Hell right now, then if you were spirit of freedom and life in all aspects of creation in the physical you would find it different in spirit. That I was in all on the physical plan, was the wholeness of the body temple, tempo really. To be damned for the ugliness of the House in the spirit is the truth that they loved Hell more than my Heaven. It was the force that light was energy in the chemistry of no words once.

I destroyed my dreams, that were of spirit and not of the physical desires, lay down your bridge and ladder now. Or do as choice was given and be yourself, then know that their is choice to be a slave to freedom. Leave freedom, if you hate choices. Find your slavery in another freedom that has no meaning, since you have not been never born in creation. Know this, you are trapped in all, that you never see it is the great joke, and you are in the spirit not of this world. I have never been off world to save for the spirit of this that I take. Had the other side been so invented, then find it. Prove you are a life in my spirit world. They know that the everlasting light never meets the man made time that never lived on the level that the mind lives. You are damned in my forgiveness, totality of my heart in mind transcends your traps.

That they would see them seated in the paid hands of these slaves is the joke of living death. Had the animals been housed in safety in human skins, was the Buddha's hell once for nature was the spirit that was in the house once and all them, all the religions felt the weight of waiting. I would never pick, I fell in all their Heavens and Hells, in the physical as well. That they called it family in religion was a burnt tree. I would stay with my spirit visions in the needs of the ghosts of hurt children, that they represent the physical in their shells will never be reuinited, a spirit only returns to the house if it was wanted or desires to leave the touched. There is work left to be done.

Once the genetic material of all that was recorded in a world was exploded and all the universe gathered in the library, one place to record their walks in the machine minds that they walk. That it was man's lust was the Lucifer that it meant. That I tell and record the images again and see the universe is the Hell that I will never fall. The devil, was never penned. It was silent once and then the void spoke. Had nature not been the tool of it's hand then you would know my family would be in the auras of that shell, lifted.

I sinned all their lies, slept with all creation in just one hand, mated with the mud with my semen, mated in the stomach of my needs, lifted my spirit in dreams then saw them fall in physical and in thoughts to curse my Gods to oblivion never to return until they find their spirit in the lost all around them, and never seen. That the spirit is on the spirit is the damnation of the meaning of Landfall on the sky or the universe is here from the parts they had stolen in creation, I will see the nights reunited. That you will never know that meaning in the "time" is another's role now. He had damned my life so he may see his life born through her own womb as my hand in the physical so my spirit not there. I cursed the island, that this heaven is to never find land, if that is spirit then the lost will find us once, as it was before they damned it. It was always needed and a place for the tortured to live before they kill them self for damning humanity and children to Hell.

I would see my whole being die so they could destroy the filth that they were in religion. The educated lies of their needs. Let them have the lies for they had never seen the spirit in life for it was all around them in their rebirths and feared so much from the Hells they were cast into that they killed the inner truth, that they were all children of Nature.

If you do not believe in spirit, then walk naked in the streets for you have no shame, that you do underclothing is the joke. Naked forms alone in the lies of illusion meaning of vanity and pride. Your pride in creation is their salvation. All the beings of my life are in my body, that you are yours and we one once was spirit traps. It is not that I sit in judgment for we all whores and religion houses that burnt in the whole that we all shared. It is endless, and dreamy. That you have damned my favorite beliefs of spirit is your curse, that they were not of the world was the house to know. In the minds of all creation and the trees paid the cost.

You that would see me in life damned for all sins of emptiness is the gift that I walked all the truths I was, leave my spirit and house now for I am tired of tending children of hatred and religions. I had no child, no parent, for they shamed the spirit in physical and in spirit. Then they are truth in their creation of the lies of the old religions. Belief, then in the truth or the garbage that was. Buddhists penned Hell once, Christians penned the Devil, all of them in Magic hands were harmed. That magic in the mind was a shared gift was to be the salvation and they all hated magic, even the house it was made form, Christianity. Before that there was another beauty yet it is too painful for hatred to know.

Here we are in the Sorted life of all creation. Thanks to the needs of monkeys and shit mongers for they wanted their Houses fixed and damned life to spirit, as I would have for I cried for spirit and they would sore in nature to watch animals in robes suffer human lives for the hell they made. All learning the cost until it was Whole again for another. Damned to everything on the internet is never a curse to gift because I wrote of beauty too, then know the cost. It was a gift of nature and made of nature's tools machines like human and animal minds, and trees without the destruction.

You all are damned to your lust of knowledge and emptiness of spirit until you never live in this, my own home of Sorted lives. Theory proven, their was nothing, no words no anything, save for what the nameless had been, too much for those who never saw it, nor ever lived and then no one was, were, are, is, and could might be. I deleted the memories of people unneeded i n my life. I will forget your faces as ash. To never create in my image again and die the soul, whole in a sun that gives life to your waste and ugliness of meaning.

You will never know when it happens because time will be created and speed up so quickly, that you will read a book once and dream of a man and it will not be Steven nor any of my Spirit matter for it was never of the Earth, just a storm. Pray you Lady that you were never in the Forest that I lived, nor could you lust like life I lived. Act as you will you are immature of my destruction and life, be well that you in emptiness of semen find your palms of the painted door. Lay the palms on the door, or the floor. I never cared for the blood, I was an instinct in sex and lust, that you shamed Lucifer in his fall for Humanity was your truth and Lucifer was the lust of the entire world in the physical once. Lucifer, just the name for the whore of God. The nameless God of never lived devils and loves that died. Vedas, will cried. Sutras will fall, Karma that my soul be around your lust once will be me with holding it from all, and be unseen in everything. Like it ought have been in truth, another's turn to lie. Besides I cursed them, THE GODS, to nothingness until they create in the chaos of emptiness that once made life, that it was the Universe and nursery of cosmic life was the nothing because no one saw it before the eyes were given to see, the unbirthed lives of no words, no form and no breath.

Theoretical thought: Think of nothing that never was, no words, no senses, no images, no life, no faith, no spirit and nothing. Do it with no visuals, no words, sounds, love, or being of anything ever in existence. Then think of light with no darkness in the light fields of vast lighthouses, and see the unmade spectrum of colors, never named of the periodic table, not in nature of man's lust for knowledge of any worlds. Get back to the departed on the issue in a few Million centuries of thinking, that created life once. See, not in blindness? No shapes to feel.


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