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Spontaneous Human Combustion Or Alien Assassination

Updated on May 13, 2016

There have been many cases where people have died and the cause is said to be of Spontaneous Human Combustion. So what is spontaneous human combustion? These three words combined sounds pretty scary if you asked me. Well this type of combustion is when the human body begins to ignite itself and burns it self to ashes without the aid of any form of flammable chemicals or objects. So, a human could probably be sitting on his porshe petting his dog and simply begins to burn. The gruesome part about what is called spontaneous human combustion is that it not only ignites and burns you and is easily put out. The fire is so intense that it will quickly disintegrate your clothing, skin, organs and bones. Turning you into nothing but ash to be blown away in the cold wind.

People Who Have Spontaneously Burned

Over the years, several persons have experienced Spontaneous Human Combustion. Some have lived to tell the tale while others were not that lucky. Here is a list of some known cases of people who have experienced this ordeal.

Jeanna Winchester

  • Jeanna Winchester was a naval airwoman. On regular day, October 9, 1980. Jeanna and her friend Leslie Scott went out for a drive. Leslie was driving and Jeanna was in the front passenger seat. As they drove along Seaboard Avenue in Jacksonville, they smelled smoke and suddenly saw flames appearing around Winchester. She started to scream for help from Scott who pulled over and started to beat the flames of Jeanna with her bare hands. Jeanna was lucky even though she had burned at least 20% of her body. She lived to tell the tale and also had a witness to her spontaneous combustion.

Agnes Phillips

  • Ms Agnes Phillips lived in a nursing home for some time. A nice old lady that suffered from Alzheimer's disease.Her daughter did the best she knew to take care of her. She would normally come for her occasionally and take her out for the day, just to spend some time with her mother and get her away from the nursing home for a while. They drove for over an hour and parked the car at the 4-square Store in Balgownie Road. Her mother was asleep in the car at the time, she did not want to wake her so she left her sleeping and went inside the store. A couple minutes later, Mrs. Parks saw smoke coming form her car and then flames erupted. As she ran to the car, she got help dragging her mother from the vehicle and put out the flames . Unfortunately, her mother never survived the ordeal as she suffered many burns and died a week later in hospital. Her daughter was devastated as up to now no one knows how the fire started.

Jean Lucille Saffin

  • Mr. Jean Lucille Saffin, a mentally handicapped woman in London. On a unusual day In September 1982, Ms Saffin burets into flames while seated on a wooden chair. at her home in Edmonton. This was witnessed by her father who gave his account of what happened. He said he saw a flash of light out the corner of his eye, as he turned to his daughter to ask her if she had also seen that flash of light, she was engulfed in flames. Mr Saffin said that his daughter never cried out, but simply sat there with her hands in her lap on fire. He quickly pulled her up over to the sink and began to put out the flames and began to shout for help. His son-in-law heard his cries and bolted inside the kitchen to see Jean Saffin enveloped in flames. He was shocked, the two men managed to out the flames and then called the paramedics. The paramedics notice something quite odd about the fire, the kitchen had no burned marks and had no smell of smoke, her clothes was not damaged except for a piece of nylon cardigan which melted. It was shocking to her father as he had no idea what could have started this fire.

Many more people have spontaneously combusted but are just too many to list here. No one knows how or why these people burst into flames. Was it an act of some evil fire demon? Are these people harnessing some special internal chemical that is just to harsh for the body to maintain once it builds up and will simply just ignite and tries to burn away? Or are these people being taken out by Aliens? Lets see.

Aliens And Spontaneous Human Combustion

For those of us who still believes that us primitive human beings are the only life form that exist in all solar system is as bright as an atheist with a tooth ache but still needs to see God to believe he exist. Aliens have been visiting earth long before all present generation living on this earth.They come from many different parts of the universe. One would ask a simple question as to why a race of Aliens, which have the power to travel across the universe, be interested in a primitive planet like earth? And if they are superior, why do they hide behind the shadows and not just come out and let their presence be felt and seen? Well the simple answer to that is because they are not allowed to. Planets that exist in our solar system and other solar system are bound by Universal laws. Laws which prohibit the interference of one species by another. But as in all intelligent life form that exist, you will find some that will never follow laws and seek to do as thou wilt. As such, many rogue aliens are out there doing their own thing.

So what do rogue aliens do? Anything they feel like until captured or killed by the Men In Black. What? you though that MIB was just another Movie? Well, then you need to wake up my friend. Aliens do cause mischief and do a lot of unapproved experiments on humans. They test new weapons on many humans. One such weapon is a form of death ray which is capable of focusing a quick beam of light to any human being, that light will quickly trigger the natural body fuel to ignite and burn the flesh. This is what happens when humans suddenly begin to burn for no apparent reason. They are assassinated by aliens. Nothing less, nothing more.

Aliens who carry out unapproved human experiments (experiments not signed off by government) are considered unlawful, rogue and are hunted by both human and alien. Spontaneous combustion is not just a human thing. The ray responsible for this can be used on any form of flesh, so whether it be aliens, humans or animals. They are capable of spontaneous combustion when hit by this ray.

Do believe Aliens are Killing Humans?

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How The Combustion Ray Works and Why The Alien Firing it Is Not Seen

Don't be fooled, Aliens walk past us shoulder to shoulder everyday. We all believe that we are going to see caterpillars with wings and blood sucking tubes like mosquitoes, no, the aliens are humanoids and do look a lot like humans, but they have enhanced that look to fit into our society. That is why many times humans combustion is done and no one will ever see what happens, it only takes the click of a pen for some human to burst into flames. And as simple minded as us humans are, if we do not see someone throw gasoline on themselves and light it then we cannot fathom anything else beyond that reality.

The Ray is simple, it emits a flash of light directed at the victim. The light stimulates the bodies natural fuel and then when the molecules vibrate fast enough, then they explode and begins to burn. That is as basic as it gets when it comes on to how the combustion ray works. The sad thing is us humans are at a disadvantage as we are unaware that we are watched and being killed by aliens which our government knows about. So you see, spontaneous human combustion is not really spontaneous, it is caused by aliens weapon.


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 14 months ago from Southern Illinois

      Geez, I guess I better carry a fire extinguisher with me. lol. Scary!!!!!!!

    • emge profile image

      Madan 14 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      It looked a bit crazy to me, but with your examples it looks plausable. There are so many mysteries though I doubt about aliens. Very interesting.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 14 months ago from Nibiru

      @always sorry, a fire extinguisher may be of no use

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 14 months ago from Shelton

      clive are these fact based combustions? just curious... :)

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 14 months ago from Nibiru

      Yes they are frank. With eye witnesses

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