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Spreading the Word: The U. S. Blood Quantity Law & Hawaiian Land Usage

Updated on February 12, 2013

As many would know, land has always been an issue between the United States government and the indigenous people of the land. That is no different with the Hawaiian people. Sure, there is a law that was made so that the Hawaiian people could have land set aside just for them. But the United States government, cunning, sneaky, and as full of evil greed as any bad guy would be, added in a special requirement that would give them the advantage over the Hawaiian people.

Do you know what that requirement is? It's just this small, simple rule where the ones to have control over the land must be at least, 50% Hawaiian blood. Any less would make a native Hawaiian ineligible to hold the land.

These days, rarely any native Hawaiian is full Hawaiian. Almost all native Hawaiians have a bit of different ethnicity in them. There are Asia-Hawaiians, Irish-Hawaiians, etc. The number of native Hawaiians that meet the requirements set by U. S. law is dwindling fast.

The government knew this. And they have used that part of the law they set concerning the Hawaiian people, to their unfair advantage, and are already using the land set aside for native Hawaiians, not for the benefit of the Hawaiian people like they're supposed to, but to benefit themselves and satisfy the whims of the general population, such as the government's decision to develop geothermal energy. And they are also trying to give the ruined worst possible pieces of lands to the Hawaiians, while they use the better lands to their own benefit. *For details about something like the above, about the land being used for something against the will of the Hawaiian people by the government suggested keywords to use on google would be: "Hawaiians and geothermal energy".*

The Blood Quantity requirement was used by the government as an unfair advantage during a law suit against the government for what happened to Hawaii in the past. The law suit was unsuccessful, only thanks to bringing up the Blood Quantity requirement. The instigator of the law suit did not have enough Hawaiian blood to have an active role in the affairs of the Hawaiian people.

For details, just try googling the subject.


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