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Spy Game

Updated on October 27, 2013

Spying on YOU


Well, we are certainly being bombarded by the media about the USA spying on everyone; even their own citizens.
This does not surprise me, I have been saying for decades that the United states government can not be trusted, nor is the government a friend and ally to anyone. Now we have the proof.
It is a fact now that the USA is bugging the phones, monitoring emails, and watching what websites people are going on. This is an infringement on all of our rights and freedoms. This is marking us all as guilty without any proof or any hint of wrongdoing.
The US government is proven to be a dictatorship run by evil tyrants. Now they are not trusted by anyone and every action they take and every word they speak will be scrutinized.
What surprises me is a comment someone made, "Sometimes we want to know more than the Germans are telling us". Seriously!? What the heck is that!? I say, "Always there is more the world leaders want to know than the US Government is telling us". So by the words and actions of the US leaders the world can and should, without prejudice, whole heartedly spy one every person in the US government, all its agencies and citizens, and this can be legally done without any form of repercussion by the United States.
After all, if one country does something then other countries can do the same; and if the US is telling other nations what to do, then they must do the same as well.
So what will happen with all this spying stuff? Will the US stop spying on those they claim are their friends and Allies? I think that they will say that they will stop, but I highly doubt that they will stop. We know that the US government has serious trust issues, and I doubt that will change. Welcome to George Orwell's 1984.


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