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St. Louis Confederate Memorial

Updated on May 31, 2017


In beautiful Forest Park, located just a few miles from downtown St. Louis, there is a statue dedicated to the confederate soldiers who fought in the Civil War. Some want it gone and have started a petition to raise funds for its removal. But, are having a hard time finding many, including blacks, liberals, and the hard left, who are willing to donate money to the cause. Why?

Well, I think the time has come for the snowflakes who want to replace history with their point of view, is coming to a close. Now you do remember June 17th, 2015 when Dylann Roof shot up a Black Church in Charleston, killing 9. There were several photos of him with a Confederate flag and the libs went ape shit. They made South Carolina remove the Confederate flag from the capital and removed several other monuments across the south.

They shouted it was a racist flag filled with hate and demons. In some of the speeches fire flamed from tongues.

I, for one, always thought of the Southern uprising and the Confederate States as a foreign country. Once they succeeded and declared themselves free from Northern laws they were a separate body. However, the North never recognized them as such and since they won the war we have to be obliged as such, which brings us back to the statue in Forest Park.

So, if the North never recognized the south as a foreign power then it is fair to assume the Confederate soldiers were still in fact United States citizens…all be it in rebellion. And being United Stated citizens they are shown some honor in their sacrifice.

Yep, that is all this Statue does.

Recently it defaced with graffiti.

“End Racism” someone spray painted on the statues base.

“This statue promotes a racial divide that exists in this city and across the U.S.,” shouted a protester who stood on the monument waving a United States flag.

But others want the statue to stay.

“It is a part of American history and to remove it would be like tearing pages out of an encyclopedia.”

“They were veterans just as much as any soldier who fought in war.”

On a local talk radio program a caller said the Statue represented traitors and they should not be honored.

Back in 1914, The Daughters of the Confederacy of St. Louis raised over $23,000 in a fifteen year period to erect the statue.

Inscribed on the base – “To the Memory of the Soldiers and Sailors of the Southern Confederacy,” Which was written by St. Louis minister Robert Catlett Cave. He hadalso served as a Confederate soldier from Virginia.

Underneath is a quotation by Robert E. Lee: “We had sacred principles to maintain and rights to defend for which we were duty bound to do our best, even if we perished in the endeavor.”

So, there you have it. Where does it say Black lives don’t matter? Where does is say, the South will rise again? Where does it promote racism?

It doesn’t. Plain and simple it is showing honor to American Vets.


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    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      14 months ago from Florida

      Wow, this article was ahead of the curve...

      So much of this is manufactured discontent to disrupt or country, and to weaken the 'people's choice' President, rather than uniting the country behind him to clean up the corruption... the media is working overtime to fracture the people, pit one group against the other, ensuring the 'establishment' and the cronies in D.C. survive... sadly it is working.

      You can see it here on Hubpages, people wantonly attack one another, choose sides, hate Trump, refuse to see the larger picture...

      Why would they want to blame Congress for their woes, or their corrupt government, when they can just vilify Trump and blame him for everything going on?

      After all, Trump has been an active government official for over six months now, before he came along, everything was great in our country and our politicians were doing such a good job on our behalf.


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