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Stacy Dash Is Guilty of Blaspheme Against The secular messiah, President Obama...

Updated on May 27, 2013

Stacy Dash Is Guilty Of Blaspheme Against The secular messiah, President Obama

I once wrote a blog where in my vistas I saw President Obama’s image being the sole representative on Mount Rushmore, or moreover, where Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount was replaced in the Gospel by President Obama’s Inauguration speech… that is how those who make up the Obama cult of personality are operating and engaging in scorch-earth tactics if you dear noise an opinion against the secular messiah, President Obama. Who knows… I too may already be deemed a blasphemer for not capitalizing ‘secular messiah’ because one of the conspicuous signs of a Traditional Christian is the fact that he or she always capitalizes Jesus’ name… and according to the Obama supporters, we should do likewise when referring to any appellation ascribed to President Obama.

It is ironic that were anyone to ask my current boss, wife, mother, or siblings… what movie star I like, it would hands down be Stacy Dash; let me be honest, it is not for Miss Dash’s acting - but for her sheer disgusting beauty. Years ago, minty fresh out of law school, on my first job in New Jersey, my two supervisors, knowing my religious beliefs, brought in a Playboy magazine where Miss Dash did a spread and like President Jimmy Carter - who yielded to his lust/curiosity when Tennis great Jimmy Connors’ wife did a Playboy spread – I too lingeringly looked and lusted… and so now I come to her defense notwithstanding my biased take on her ‘disgusting beauty’ for her blasphemy in saying that she will vote for Governor Romney come judgment day in November.

The hateful vitriol brought to bear on Miss Dash for not walking in lock-step with the vainglorious in Hollywood was released and the typical names: Uncle Tom; and House Negro; and the plethora of disparaging names I have been called since my late teens were part of the social networks’ verbiage. President Obama could engage in bold face lying and his followers would say it is not so… in this sheep-like vein, we like to tell ourselves that here in America that we cannot be like the Germans during Hitler’s reign of goose-stepping terror or any of the denizens who live under dictatorial rule and who do God awful acts in the name of said dictators - but take it from me we are not too far from those fascist behaviors. It is even more telling that Miss Dash voted for President Obama during his first Presidential run, and yet, she is being thrown to the secular messiah’s wolves; but the question that begs itself is what if the secular messiah loses in November - are his followers going to engage in mass suicide? I know one thing for sure President Obama’s followers in Hollywood would be spending much more time on the respective psychiatrist couches, which will once again give credence to mostly the bogus refrains of Freudian mother-blaming mantras.

As for me, my fate is sealed because I knew what the secular messiah stood for since his introduction on the national political stage and I have made it known throughout many a blog here and elsewhere, but I sincerely hope that Miss Dash among the other blasphemers like her, keeps the courage of her conviction in not voting for President Obama. Incidentally, even the Hub-Pages powers-that-be, as recently as last night, have ran interference for the secular messiah, but I will come to such Fascism and Political Correctness later. All of you who read this blog and those who will read this blog, I beseech you to practice and memorize President Obama’s (the secular messiah’s) Inauguration speech because just how I can recite verbatim the Lord’s Prayer or the 23rd Psalm or John 3:16 - so too you must likewise do the same for the man (oops, if you could call him a man) who has parted the seas with his rod of Socialism lite.


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    • profile image

      Harshal 3 years ago

      May I ask why people who aovacdte secular education never seem to give any backing to the idea of funding all schools equally regardless of whether they have a faith based ethos or not. Would the funding of all schools equally not be more egalitarian than saying that only schools with a secular ethos should receive public funding. Why should those who are sincerely Muslim, Christian,Jewish etc. not be able to attend an institution that serves them rather than having to attend religious education only at weekends, as is often proposed. It seems that those who favour secular education are attempting to control the choices that religious people can make as regards education, by making secular education the only choice. If those who want secular education receive public funding is it not only right an fair that those who want a faith based education get the same amount?

    • profile image

      Jaison 3 years ago

      Thanks Jane,this clarifies a lot for me.I have sepokn to my son and he has now decided to continue with classes in religion and to opt out of homework and any study.As a sixteen year old boy he is very sure of what he believes and does not believe but hates any focus on him and feels that because everyone else in his school has to do religion he has to too.For me that is the sorriest part of all this is that he wasn't asked, as a person with rights he should have been asked if he would like to do religious studies or not.I would love to send a letter to the Headmaster as I feel we are really getting somewhere on lots of issues pertaining to catholicism and the more parents who opt out the more normal it will become and before we know it everyone will understand their rights and more importantly the rights of others.My two boys 16 and 18 have just finished reading Dawkins the god delusion',they are streets ahead of my husband and I and therein lies our future , with tongue firmly in cheek 'Praise the Lord',great to be having this discussion,THANKS.