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Stalked By A Stranger

Updated on February 16, 2012

This article arose from a situation that happened recently and is still continuing. I've dismissed the idea that it could be a part of the gangstalking that my husband has been going through.

I certainly never thought this would happen to me. I never thought someone would start following me and have always thought the odds were pretty much against it but I was wrong. What makes my situation unique is that I'm being followed by a woman which is not too common among stranger stalking events. The crime is usually perpertrated by males. But nothing is set in stone as my situation indicates.

Stranger stalking usually involves celebrities and public figures where someone becomes fixated with the object of their desires such as David Letterman's stalker did. In stranger stalking the victim nor the stalker know one another. It's simply a case of someone choosing a person to stalk for any variety of reasons, usually a love obsession but it can be for any reason the stalker deems viable to him/her.

There are five types of stalkers under the classification heading of stranger stalking.

Stranger-power/anger stalkers are primarily men who look for random victims to control, intimidate, and harm. These men exhibit antisocial characteristics and, as a result of their own lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, they hunt for proxy victims upon which to vent their anger.

Stranger-obsessional stalkers are individuals who suffer from a variety of psychological disorders including paranoid schizophrenia, and bipolar and dissociative disorders. They generally should be considered dangerous because of their level of unpredictability. The object of their attachment is a stranger. Obsessionals attach because they have come to learn or believe something about another person or organization that may be completely false but that acts as a catalyst for the attachment.

Stranger-nuisance stalkers tend to be loners looking for opportunities to connect with others in some medium. They range from teens to middle-aged men who frequently use the Internet to meet and harass victims. They enjoy the sense of freedom they have in hacking into victim's e-mails, tampering with Web pages and sending obscene messages. The stalking is usually short in duration and low in intensity.

Stranger-sexual predator stalkers are some of the most dangerous offenders known to our criminal justice system. They include rapists, pedophiles, child molesters, and paraphiliacs. They are dangerous because the outcome is frequently the actual sexual assault of a victim or psychological sexual violence of a victim.

Stranger-erotomaniac is a stalker who attaches himself or herself to another person because this stalker believes that person wants and is in love with him or her. The victims are usually persons of public prominence.

In every one of these types of stalkers the internet has opened a whole new world to these criminals for new victims. The internet is also one of the easiest avenues that can be tracked unless the stalker chooses to use public terminals at all times but often these criminals cannot resist the temptation to see if their victim is online.

One thing that needs to be noted is that even though the internet has opened a new world of victims for stranger stalkers this is not the only avenue stranger stalkers utilize. They can simply see someone in a store they believe is meant for them and begin a reign of terror on the victim, they can become annoyed or angry at someone at a checkout line and follow that person home thus starting the cycle of stalking or it can originate online as it did in the Jane Hitchcock case. She did not know her stalkers but they decided to find out all the information they possibly could about her and stalk and harass her. Many situations can start exactly like that and escalate. They can start online and move offline or vice versa.

It is important to note there are no rules when it comes to stalking regardless of the kind. There's usually a general pattern but it doesn't have to follow this pattern and every stalker is different.

One other thing to note: Gangstalking is usually perpetrated by strangers although the person that sets it in motion may not be. The difference is that instead of one person there are many.

It is also important to understand, there are alot of people that are not sane even though they appear to be functioning in society and any number of reason could have set their desire to stalk someone into motion and all those different factors must be taken into account.


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    • profile image

      jabez3 5 years ago

      "One other thing to note: Gangstalking is usually perpetrated by strangers although the person that sets it in motion may not be. The difference is that instead of one person there are many."

      I never knew how many victims there are of "gangstalking" until I looked into it. Best thing anyone can do in this matter is know the law and your rights. Oh yeah...COOKIESSSSSSSSSS;)

    • RJ68 profile image

      RJ68 5 years ago from Memphis

      By all extents and purposes, it pays to watch your surroundings and notice things that look out of place. People can be out of place in your sphere. This is a really great hub.