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Stand Your Ground. What does it mean?

Updated on July 19, 2013

Martin Bashir speaks some REAL! Thoughts? Comment below.

In the same state a Black woman was sentenced to 20 years. Is it fair that she shot, missed & gets 20 years, Zmmerman shot and killed and is free?

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FL woman sentenced to 20 years for firing one shot that didnt injure or killl. Stand Your Ground didn't work for her.
FL woman sentenced to 20 years for firing one shot that didnt injure or killl. Stand Your Ground didn't work for her. | Source

Trayvon Martin vs. Zimmerman

The Zimmerman case has reached an end. Black America, primarily, is in an uproar over the non guilty verdict. Understandably so but, this historical case has many prominent issues. It's about racial profiling, a man and a boy, the dysfunctional judidical system, and this faulty Stand Your Ground issue. Let me share with you my thoughts and feelings.

Zimmerman at best, is guilty of negligent use of a weapon even though to my knowledge he had no gun charges. Can we agree on that?

To me, this was not a Stand Your Ground case. Why do I say this? The neighborhood watch guy, Zimmerman, was told by authorities to stand down. The proof of this is in the recorded call placed to 911. This man may have been exaggerating when he made claims about Trayvon. Maybe if this call did NOT exist, standing his ground would have seemed more plausible to me. Read details of the law in which Zimmerman's defense was built on here:

Now, from what I understand of this law you don't have to retreat or make any call attempts to 911 before choosing to protect self. In this case, if and I strongly emphasize, Zimmerman had obeyed his superiors the local police in the beginning, his life would have never been in jeopardy and if Trayvon was indeed up to no good Zimmerman would have been safe inside his car, watching. Whose to say this young man wasn't in fear of his life when he sensed he was being followed. If I am true to myself I can admit that there is some chance this young man attacked the watchman but I do believe that this was out of his own fear. And he was a child. Media has shown images of this young boy doing typical young boy stuff. What kid hasn't taken a middle finger picture or two or three in these days? That does not make him a bad boy, thug or deserving to lose his life. Most kids are experiementing with drugs, aclohol and more so attempting to discredit Trayvon that way was really a low blow to an already tragic situation. Not condoning teen experiments with drug and alcohol but the point is that being an average teenager is not grounds for what took place that night. Furthermore, every young male is not equipped mentally to handle themselves in certain situations when they feel a threat. And, he was a boy. A real man of any color would have handled that boy like the child that he was, if in fact Trayvon was wrong. By handle I mean, take a belt off or throw him across your lap and whip his butt or square up with this young man and box him. To take his whole life away from was a bit extreme and rather bitchlike.

This world we live in is royaly screwed up, this we know. But what is the message being received by our youth today from the judicial system? Is it really okay for an adult man to shoot and kill a boy? The fact that Zimmerman's suspicions seem to be ignited by Trayvon's clothing is stereotypical profiling. The watchman had a decision to make and in an instant he chose wrong, period. Accident maybe but still is one that comes with consequence that this man was dissolved of, entirely. Our children are smart enough to recognize that their peer, Trayvon Martin did not receive his due just.

I welcome readers to share your thoughts and feelings regarding this matter as well. Interested to read your opinions.

Transcripts of the 911 call.

Trayvon and father
Trayvon and father

Does Marissa Alexander deserve our voices speaking out for her just like Trayvon?

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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 4 years ago

      Unfortunately we can't go by what is in someone's mind from a "legal" standpoint. If Zimmerman were black and the victim was a black teenager he would have went to jail just as if Zimmerman were white and the victim was white teenager. This jury never thought of Martin as an "innocent teenager" who could have been (their) own son. Race was a major factor in the case without a doubt but from a legal defense "stand your ground" was not what Zimmerman's attorneys chose to use in his defense.

      As a black male I too have been stopped by cops for no valid reason and if someone just off the street like a Zimmerman approached me out of the blue I would have copped an attitude. I wouldn't have cared if he had identified himself as being part of the "neighborhood watch program" either. I can see how a confrontation could have come about. My guess is if a (uniformed) policeman had asked Martin where he was going and so forth the shooting probably would not have happened for a couple of reasons. Martin would have been more respectful to a uniformed cop and the cop would have let him go on his way after determining he was not there to break any laws.

    • donnabella30 profile image

      donnabella30 4 years ago from USA

      Just because title law wasnt specifically mentioned or used during the trial doesn't mean it wasn't in the minds of those jurors. Just like people want to claim this wasn't primarily a racial issue doesn't make it so. This case was ALL about labeling a Black male, minor. Self defense my ass, Zimmerman's call to 911 speaks volume. Attorneys have ways with words. And ABSOLUTELY, if Zimmerman were Black and let's keep the victim Black, shooter still would have been arrested just no air time. Yet, as you stated if shooter was Black victim White, more harsh and immediate consequences might have ensued....

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 4 years ago

      I agree with Superkey that "stand your ground" was not even used by the Zimmerman's attorneys. They used "self defense" for his defense. Basically the jury was instructed to (forget everything that led to conflict) and focus on the part after Zimmerman got his ass kicked and was standing up after having his head pounded on the concrete.

      The question was then asked can anyone say without reasonable doubt that he was in fear of his life (in that moment)?

      Personally speaking I believe if Zimmerman had been black and shot a white 17 year old under the same circumstances the black man would have gotten arrested that night! It took a protest just to get Zimmerman arrested and put into a courtroom!

      I also believe that he racially profiled Martin, ignored the 911 dispatcher's instructions and followed him, and initiated a verbal if not physical confrontation BECAUSE he knew he had his gun on him.

      Morally it does not seem fair that a man can confront and kill a teenager who was simply walking home with a can of soda and bag of skittles without there being (any) punishment. Welcome to America's justice system!

    • Superkev profile image

      Superkev 4 years ago

      Stand your ground had nothing to do with this case. This was self-defense against an attacker who was thumping his head in to a concrete sidewalk and telling him he was going to die.

      Stand your ground was not even in play here.