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Stand not Follow

Updated on February 13, 2012
Casualties of war
Casualties of war

Stand not Follow

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Inspired though we may be to follow blindly the transgressions of our forebears, it has always been a world in flux that greets us, fat and swollen from the self-satisfying ideals of men. These ideals are often attributed to higher powers to give credence to their purpose, however it is men alone who take those same ideals and use them to disseminate propaganda, to oppress the naive and to manipulate the masses.

Earth has always been a stage for evil men, men who in their greed for power lose all connection with humanity. Like animals they stalk their helpless prey, circling stealthily, waiting for that opportune moment of vulnerability to then take control and unleash pain and suffering. These evil souls cast life aside like empty vessels, and nourish their own needs to further ascend to the heights of human authority.

How do we allow these evil souls to take power, these politicians, and these leaders of ill-intent? How do they reach their goals while we idly stand by and believe that democracy is working? How do we watch war instigated by people whose judgement is based on self-advantage, not freedom or democracy or any such ideal?

Wars are many and instead of segregating these countries from a free world we contribute and maintain the war, with forces, money and arms. If countries want to fight one another let them, and segregate those countries from word trade. The solution to wars is not war, it is money. How long would any country last without trade. There should be a world alliance, whereby conflicts are avoided based on economic restrictions. Until the world unites against war, there shall never be peace.

How many human tragedies does it take before people say no, this is not good enough. If all the money and resources of war were used to feed the world there would be no famine, no epidemics and no misery. Yet we sit in our warm cosy homes and don’t do a thing about it. We accept the world as it is rather than what it should be and by it support the status quo.

I am not an activist; I have a family and just want the fear to end, for me and my children. I want a world where compassion overrides mistrust, where generosity overrides self-interest and where war is a thing of the past. No child needs to suffer in a world of such technology and wealth, why then do they? No-one needs to be hungry anywhere on this planet. We have the resources to cure this inequality, why then don’t we do something about it?

War is the only thing that stands in the way. If war ended, even half the money attributed to it would solve world hunger. It would not even impact on any of our lives; we would not lose anything, our current standard of living, our possessions, our incomes. So why don’t we do anything about this? The world needs to stand together about this issue. Eradicating war through economic consequences seems a good way to start.


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