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Standing Tall, Minus the Lack of Height

Updated on August 13, 2017

Short Man Surviving in a Tall Man's World

My Breif Bio

Hi! My name is Ryan. “Hi Ryan.” It is nice to meet you all. You may be wondering what this hub is all about. Well, for starters it is a brief history, somewhat inspirational tale of the life I am living, lived and will continue to live. This is not meant for people to feel sorry for me, or throw some pity my way. It is to open the eyes of the superficial and let others like me fill comfortable to live in a society that focuses on perfection. Sometimes it can be a struggle to live day to day when you are "different". The world can sometimes be a cruel place when you are not the way they consider normal. I am not trying to sound like a martyr or anything, I just want to share my story and let others share theirs as well. After all, we are all human. We are all children of God. And so the story begins......


Accept Me for Who I am, Not for what I'm Not

About twenty nine years ago on a mild winter day in December I came into this world. Born in the bayou state of Louisiana, the capitol city of Baton Rouge, I was graced to two very wonderful parents. Although everything was fine and all vitals were good, I wasn’t exactly “normal.” The doctor told my parents that because of a problem, I would not be able to be a full grown person. That’s, right. At my age of twenty nine I stand at a tall four foot seven inches. My voice isn’t high pitched, nor are my digits chubby, so it was a common version of little person. It is a rare thing that happened to me. Instead of the end of my bones being round, they are flat. I just say the Lord made me fun size. And although many times I wish I were someone different, I always have to remember that I was made different for some reason. A reason I may never know until my time comes to meet my maker. But, life goes on and I have been blessed in many other ways.

I stand tall minus that lack of height. I have been blessed with a wonderful family. My friends have accepted me for who I am no matter what and I know that they have my back. But times do get tough, especially when I have to face public places. I just ignore people and their reactions to me being different in this world, but sometimes it does get to me. I see the stares, I hear the whispers and the laughs, and some people can be cruel. Society has brainwashed people to think that if you are different, you should fill out of place. It gets difficult being my size to be accepted in this world. It is tough, especially when it comes to dating. Women want that perfect guy, tall, dark and handsome. And it seems women will sacrifice personality and being treated like crap for looks. But looks fade, personalities don’t.

I would say thanks to God I have a fun, outgoing personality despite being the way I am. Many people tell me that I am so much fun to hang out with because it is never a dull moment with me. I just try to focus mostly on the positive and love to have a good time. My job requires me to meet people every day, so I would rather spread joy then hate. I told myself that I can live this life two ways. One: I can be miserable and let this world get under my skin and live a depressing life, or Two: I can show people that being different aren’t at all bad. Sure at times it gets to me or there are obstacles in my way, but it is how you handle them that make you stronger. Times get tough, but I have dealt with this my whole life. I want people who are different to realize that God has a plan for you. Sure, you only get one shot at life, but you mine as well live it the right way. In the end I know that God loves me, and that he didn’t make me this way because he hated me. He made me this way because he was tired of creating the same ole thing.

My family and friends along the way have always been supportive of me. And they day I became an uncle was a truly a great day. I have a wonderful niece that every time she sees me gets so excited and makes me feel like the most important person in the world. My nephew is so beautiful and is an amazing kid thus far. I love being an uncle and I feel I am doing a great job. Spending time with them makes the horrible problems of the world go away.

I can drive a car, play sports, play drums, and hang out with my friends just like everyone else. I hate when people ask me so what are you? Well, I am a human being that breathes the same air as you that need water to survive and needs blood to live. God just made me a more convenient person. Some people can be ignorant, but that is what the world has advertised for many years. I just want people to think before they judge someone who are different. I want people to realize that people who are different are people too. They deserve to have a true love. They deserve to have a great job. They deserve to be on this earth, because after all, that is what the Lord wanted. So think before you make comments about people. In the end, God is the one who will judge me as well as you.

This is dedicated to my family, friends for accepting for who I am. And for those who feel the way I do. It is time to accept those who are different like the very special people in my life.


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