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Standing with My Brothers and Sisters of Islam

Updated on November 15, 2015
This isn't the pamphlet, but it was the closest I could find.
This isn't the pamphlet, but it was the closest I could find. | Source

Nearly 15 years ago, the United States had the worst terrorist attack it had ever seen. Two planes hit the largest buildings of the World Trade center, killing over 3,000 people and devastating the billions watching on their television screens worldwide. Another plane hit the Pentagon, a major government building in the nation's capital. Thanks to the brave men on the fourth hijacked plane, they were able to crash into a field so no other people were hurt or killed other than those on the plane.

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Even as the attacks were going on, people began to blame Afghanis and Muslims for what was happening. A caller on Howard Stern called them "towelheads", a popular slur for those who wear a turban or some other form of head covering. I was 14 at the time and an avid church-goer with my family. In the back of the sanctuary was a table where members of the congregation put announcements or pamphlets. I happened to notice a pamphlet about what happened, calling Islam a mental illness, and hinting that we should unite as Christian vigilantes and punish them. I was outraged at this and it was a turning point in my faith. Every since, all terrorist attacks were a huge team effort by all Muslims to kill Christians.

With the incidents that happened in France in November, racism and bigotry is in the spotlight again. Islamists (not Muslims) are hurting people, as they always have been and will continue to do, in the name of Allah. Does not the KKK do the same in the name of the Christian God? What about the Westboro Baptist Church, which is seen as a major joke. People say the Nazis killed people in the name of God but that is not true. They were actually trying to get away from Christianity and go back to Paganism from the Dark Ages, claiming it was the original religion of Germany. But I digress...

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If you knew anything about Islam, you would know that they do not have time to be terrorist, praying five times a day. I have trouble fitting in five to ten minutes of meditation and reflecting on Buddhist teachings. I bet this terrorists are the type of "religious people" who do not even believe. They just use it for power.

I have nothing but respect for my Muslim fellow human beings. No drinking and no bacon? In college, I decided to see what it was like to celebrate Ramadan, not putting anything into my body while the sun was up. I did not make it three days. So, to my brother and sisters of all religions, know there is at least one person in the world who wants to give you a hug and apologize for the bigoted imbeciles who judge you based on their uneducated and lazy point of view.


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