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Stanley Cup 2011 Vancouver BC riot

Updated on June 17, 2011

1994 - the last one

The same thing happened in 1994, when the Vancouver Canucks got knocked out of the playoffs. Today, June 15, 2011, it is happening again. The Canucks lost game 7 of the Stanley Cup and the Boston Bruins took the cup. Disgruntled so called fans decided to go insane and start a riot. Honestly, we as Canadians do not condone this sort of behavior. Personally, it saddens me and I am embarrassed. Six cars have been set on fire, the City looks like a scene from the Middle East after a war. The City of Vancouver had set up jumbotron screens for those people who did not have tickets to see the game live. I can only assume that this will not be repeated. Fans actually taunted each other in the streets - Canuck fans versus Boston fans fighting and hating each other. I just can't believe I am watching this on TV live. It seriously looks like a war with tear gas clouds everywhere and police on horseback trying to clear out 100,000 people in the streets. Two police cars were turned over around 8:45 p.m. and lit on fire. I just can't believe what I am seeing. People are being fueled by booze and acting like orangatans. I had a feeling this was going to happen, and I knew when I was watching the game that the Canucks were done as of the second period. Boston already had a three goal lead over them, and they seemed to just give up.

The chaos downtown Vancouver is frightening, people are literally afraid to get out of the downtown and get home because they are afraid for their safety. The fights continue to break out and people are actually taunting police. The police have cameras and they are videotaping all that they can in order to use it to prosecute people. A person fell off a bridge and several have been badly hurt.

I am certainly glad that I am miles away from this scene. The Vancouver Police had done many things to prevent this sort of thing from happening after the last riot in 1994. I wonder if this will happen every time we have a playoff in our City. It makes little sense, and I can honestly say that the true Canucks fans are not the kind of people who would do this sort of thing. The few who want to cause a scene incite others and the next thing you know, there is a huge chaotic riot.

Currently, it is 9:51 p.m. and the streets are on fire. The two police cars that were overturned on Georgia Street are on fire and as it gets dark, the street is lit up with the fire of the cars. Bus service and Taxis are not running, because the drivers are not willing to get into the area to rescue the people who are stranded. The Skytrain is packed full of crowds of people trying to get home. What a truly sorry scene, the true Canucks fans are ashamed of this assanine behavior. This is not how Canadians act, and I for one am deeply saddened that this has taken place, yet again.

A few people seem to start something, fueling the riot and getting other people involved. The police are moving down the street towards the crowd dressed in full riot gear, while the crowd taunts the police. There are a few people in the crowd who refuse to leave, the police are not moving, but the crowd seems to be fighting back. The police are holding their ground.

Scenes that are mind blowing like people jumping onto burning cars... cars that have full gas tanks and could explode at any minute... people throwing objects at police such as fence parts, bottles, anything they can get their hand on. The only way out of downtown Vancouver right now is on foot or by Skytrain. The police who are severely outnumbered are showing a great deal of restraint and patience.

The ramifications of this very disappointing night are going to reverberate for years. We had finally got the City of Vancouver to relax and allow people to gather in the streets for the Olympics and now this. This is truly a terrible turn of events. Thanks to a few idiots, Vancouver BC has been shamed beyond belief.

One Person's View inside the riot


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