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Starbucks Banned in Forbidden City

Updated on September 12, 2013

Starbucks Forbidden City Problem

This caught my eye because I was surprised to see the Starbucks store even there actually in the Forbidden City in China. It looks as if it was a very cute store there in China. There are little animals on the top there for decoration. It was a Starbucks design made especially to go with the area.

The whole idea of taking the Starbucks out of the Forbidden City was a campaign that was started by an announcer there in China. It gained a lot of momentum on the Internet as a project to get the store thrown out of the Forbidden City. The idea was that the whole thing just did not belong there. They considered it to be disrupting their Chinese heritage. Another report said that it was a blogger in China named Rui Chenggang that started it all.

One comment about it was that Starbucks was representing a low class food and drink culture. It just did not belong there. That was their idea on the store anyway. A lot of people really agreed with the announcer on that idea.

Starbucks was given a chance to stay there by the authorities. They could have stayed on with another name. It would have to have gone under the name Forbidden City. The company did not want to continue in that manner. They decided to keep their own name there. I think that was a good idea. It would not have been right exactly to use another name for the company. They are allowed to be in the area of Forbidden City. They just are not allowed to be in the Forbidden City itself. It is quite an idea actually.

The Forbidden City itself had in the days of the Emperor been forbidden to the masses themselves to go there to the Forbidden City at all. That was the whole idea of the Forbidden City. With Starbucks being a coffee of the masses, it is quite funny really.

Starbucks of course, is going to continue selling coffee in China. They are not going to give up the market. They have other stores in China. It is a huge market for them. There are all those people in China and getting them interested in Starbucks coffee will be a huge triumph for the Starbucks coffee company.

The Chinese also of course, drink a lot of tea. But it seems they are also drinking coffee. As they become more westernized they do like to drink coffee. Maybe that also is a part of the problem. I don't think many people there probably like the population becoming more westernized and wanting to buy more western products. But China is opening up now more to other ideas in the West lately.

The Forbidden City in ancient times was a religious center. So having other companies there that are not aligned with those ideas could disturb the peace of the area in a way. I can see how Starbucks might be out of place for someone that wanted to try to create an area that was peaceful and more religious. It is an ancient place. To the Chinese it is a part of their heritage. Many people were disturbed by the idea of the Starbucks there. It seems to have been a majority of the people that protested and wanted it taken out.

There was not a big outcry to keep the Starbucks there. It seems to have been the general idea to keep the area clear of ideas that were foreign and did not compare well to the general idea that they had for the Forbidden City. It may be a good idea that the Starbucks was taken out so that it did not stir up more controversy. This way the area is safe from a foreign invasion. They can also still enjoy the Starbucks if they wish outside the area.

Should Starbucks have been allowed to stay in the Forbidden City?

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Entrance to the Imperial City
Entrance to the Imperial City | Source

Walmart and Chinese Products

One wonders what the Chinese think about the Chinese goods available in Walmart. Some people do like that they are available there. They are cheaper and available. Some say the cheap labor brings the price down.

Other people in the US complain about the Chinese products. They say they are not very good and it is not good to have them there in Walmart. People complain about them and the workmanship on them. They say it brings down the quality of what is being sold in the United States. They also say it is not fair to US products and the general consumer that they are there.

There are some people in the US that do not want Walmart in their area. They say it brings down the quality of goods in the area. They see it as being unfair competition to American goods. Also it is not fair to smaller businesses that have been in the area as they see it. Walmart does not exactly bring a lot of culture to the area. It does not have very artistic looking goods in it.

The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City | Source


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