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Starved People with the Coming Food Crisis

Updated on August 28, 2011

We're Being Starved To Death


Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I bought a chocolate bar for more than $3.00. It was quite a monumental purchase, one worthy of pocketing the receipt and using it as a sample case for the "Great Hyperinflation." The creeping food bubble isn't something to come, it's already here, but it will be a long road. This is one bubble that we must hold, we can't afford to let it crash, as millions will certainly starve. So human nature is we will store this bubble until it concludes to its bloody ends. You better be prepared, and you better be building an adequate food supply. You should be creating a garden too. Regardless, this is going to be a tough winter for me, and the January coming next year will be even tougher. Now, this is why you must store precious metals (such as gold, silver, and palladium) and be ready to trade them for food. You need to buy the precious metals to fend off hyperinflation.

Even if you're prepared enough to construct a garden, your garden alone won't sustain you. The fact of the matter is human life expectancy has increased greatly over the past centuries because of the variety of food we can eat. Having a varied diet, even of an unhealthy nature, is better than eating the same day after day. History proves this fact, if we were to look at coastal villages in say the 17th century, and compared them to landlocked villages of the same time period, the life expectancy of the villagers on the coast was much higher. This is mainly due to the fact they had access to a sea food diet along with the agrarian diet. This is why most major cities exist along bodies of water today.

So by all means, construct your garden, but don't delude yourself into believing it will be enough to sustain a healthy diet and longevity in life you so desire. This is why you need silver to hedge inflation. As the world's reserve currency (USD) continues to become devalued due to quantitive easing, the prices in all commodities will apparently continue to rise in relation to the paper currency. Use this information wisely, understand that this can be used for you or against you. While seemingly the prices of oil and food, which are commodities by the way, go up, so does the price of silver and gold. If you stockpile silver and gold just before the tsunami hits, you should be able to afford food at the current levels that exist today, while your friends who haven't copied such actions, will be left to dust five to ten years from now. What's happening currently in the Canadian Arctic serves as a dire warning of what is to come. In the Canadian Arctic a bag of spaghetti retails for around $13! In America, an estimated 44 million are on food stamps hopelessly clinging to the notion of a job.

The reason why you want to stockpile say silver is that a lot of healthy food is perishable. You don't have the option of simply stockpiling all the food you want today, the silver essentially "locks in" the perishable food you may need in the future at today's prices (which even with a $3.00 chocolate bar, is a bargain). Depending on your location and climate, there is only so much food your garden can grow. Consider also the possibility hungry people may very well steal from your garden. While I recommend making use of a couple of guard dogs and a good shotgun, there is only so much you can do to protect your crops. Unlike our ancestors, fishing coastal waters is out of the question due to pollution. You would need a boat to fish deeper waters, which is a rather large expense. You could live in the deep country side and go river fishing, although you may suffer from lack of access to civilization. With gasoline being unaffordable and decaying infrastructure, you may not be able to take a commute to the grocery store or clinic when need be . . .

As much as we hate to admit it, the modern day grocery store concept and agribusiness have most likely contributed to an average of 20+ years of human life. In the agrarian era, towns without access to water people lived an average of around 30 to 40 years. In agrarian towns close to water, the average is around 50 to 60 years. Today, thanks to having a variety in diet in both our vegetables and meats, people are living from 70 to 80 years. People underestimate how simply having a combination of fruit from a warm climate and vegetables from a temperate climate can contribute to health and life expectancy. Limiting your vegetable intake to just whatever grows in your climate will reduce the vitamins and mineral benefits you ingest.

Hopefully, you now see the importance of storing silver/gold commodities as exchange for food goods. The silver allows you to buy food during the harsh winters, supplement your garden/livestock with more exotic foods to help you have a more varied diet, and can act as insurance in the event some of your food gets stolen. You should store nonperishable food, grow a garden, and maybe raise some chickens, but understand it may not be enough if you wish to live long enough to see your kids grow up.

Advise for staving off the food crisis:

  1. Stock up an entire closet of nonperishable food items immediately.
  2. You need to move away from the cities, but don't remove yourself too far away from civilization as you risk isolating yourself and your family from this crisis. You should move into a town of around 10,000 to 50,000 people. Make sure the town is next to a river or lake so you can make use of fishing.
  3. Buy an entire home outright if you can. There are cheap real-estate opportunities out in towns the size that I mentioned that makes this possible. Make sure it's the cheapest house you can find that's habitable (no asbestos or termites).
  4. Get out of debt.
  5. Don't get involved with college/university industry. It's another economic bubble.
  6. Study your neighbours and make sure they're trustworthy. If the people in the town come across as shady, consider setting up establishment elsewhere. Once you determine the people are decent, set up a neighbourhood watch program.
  7. Buy two guns, one side arm and one main arm. I recommend a shotgun and a revolver. Learn how to use the weapons. Stockpile bullets.
  8. Get a couple of dogs. Make sure they're well trained.
  9. Start planting a garden.
  10. Start raising chickens.
  11. If you're not married, you may want to change this circumstance as you're going through the upcoming economic crisis.
  12. Stockpile gold/silver as emergency funds. Use all your current savings, no matter how small, toward buying these precious metals.
  13. Make sure you're, or somebody else in the town for that matter, is a talented entertainer. Say a musician, an artist, a poet, etc. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but you may risk going insane through this coming crisis without any leisure in your life.

-Donovan D. Westhaver


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    • DonDWest profile image

      DonDWest 6 years ago from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

      In fairness, I'm from Nova Scotia, and we have the highest provincial corporate taxes in the nation. That is probably what helped us earn the distinction of being the first province to sell a chocolate bar for over $3.00. Regardless, the food inflation is definately there, I can feel it in my budget.

    • sarclair profile image

      sarclair 6 years ago

      3.00 for a candy bar is horrible! I thought the economy in Canada was doing fine, I guess I am wrong. I think we will have to start trading, we really do need to look at our own little farms, you are right.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      There was a link to that blog before by clicking one of the words in this blog. I don't see it anymore. Either way I did look at it, the first time I read this one.

      I am of the belief that education should be free, for all people. By being educated you can, later in life be an active, engaging and productive member of a society. Without education, what can I say ... the chances of perseverance are not so good.

      Thus, get an education! If you have to fall in debt because the system is made to bleed students dry then, go for it. Default at a later time if you cannot honestly make the payments. And if this bubble as you call it bursts, good. Perhaps we will think twice before creating another circumstance which enables bubbles or bubble-explosions.

    • DonDWest profile image

      DonDWest 6 years ago from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

      BTW, you may wish to have a look at this:

      "For better or worse, college and university are quite valuable experiences. If you have to go in debt and default, do it! Whatever the cost, education is priceless!"

      We call this a bubble.

    • DonDWest profile image

      DonDWest 6 years ago from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

      Mr Happy:

      Educating yourself is without a doubt valuable asset, but you need to be responsible with how you implement such a feet. And it seems you and I have different definitions as to what constitutes an education, which is an entire hub in itself. I'll admit my wording wasn't the best when I said "avoid higher education", as I consider learning to be self-sustainable (what this hub is all about) as the highest education of all. I've recently edited that passage and called it appropriately.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Things will indeed be ugly in the near future but we are humans, we (or some of us at least) can adapt quite efficiently to whatever circumstance arises. I can certainly speak for myself. I can change colours like a chameleon if needed. I'll even shape-shift if I have to.

      I did not appreciate you advising people to give-up on higher education. Never stop educating yourself, by whatever means. For better or worse, college and university are quite valuable experiences. If you have to go in debt and default, do it! Whatever the cost, education is priceless! (I paid for mine. I made the money, paid for it and I am not suffocating in debt. There are always choices.)