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State of the Dis - Union

Updated on January 25, 2011

State of the Union??


State of the Union

Well, I did not get to hear the state of the union as I was traveling and sitting in an airport. However, there was enough press on it before hand that made it almost a non event.

My main question is just how long will the American people keep buying into politics as usual? I don’t care who is President, it is the same thing year after year - promises on top of promises that really never get kept. State of the “union”??? You have to be unified for that to happen. They ought to call it the state of division!

How about the seating arrangement! Do you really think that matters? What a joke. They are trying the same game in Pennsylvania. In fact, the Democrats and Republicans openly admit that the “fight” they are “fighting” is not for Pennsylvanians, but for their own parties! So who are they working for? NOT US!!!

Neither are they working for US in Washington. I just do not believe that the average American keeps buying this junk. The only “change” in Washington that ever happens is the face!

Now, there is the problem. What is the solution? Simple - personal responsibility. My fellow American, the state of my union is strong and I know of many others that are strong as well. Why? Because they took personal responsibility. Do you know that you can:

1.) Determine your “own” tax rate

2.) Determine just how much you pay into social insecurity

3.) Create your own job - if you really want one

4.) Be prosperous in any economic climate

Yes! You have control of all of these things. Now certainly, I cannot plug any of the ideas I am using to do these things, however, you can always email me at to find out how.

The simple fact is, that no matter what happens in Washington or in your own state, your economy, and therefore, your life, will not change until you change it. Create your own change. Elect yourself to president of your household. This is America, and we are still FREE!


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