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State of the News in America or Truth is Such a Nasty Word

Updated on February 16, 2017

Political Editorial

My Two Cents

Lately, or is it just me, the media seems to be filled with rhetoric repeating the same old adage of, “See it my way,” Pied Piper and all that.

Call me old fashion but I long for the good old days when villains were villains and heroes were heroes. Bad guys wore black, and good guys wore white. They were easier to distinguish.

Now a days the villains appear as good guys trying to warn us of pending doom while behind the scenes they tie Penelope to the tracks. There is a vague line, a fog if you will, shielding the unsuspecting eye from all the Snidely Whiplash’s and Boris’s of the world.

The news media screams President Trumps White House is in crisis, run for the hills the dam is about to burst. While behind the scenes they fail to report on Muslim controlled neighborhoods where cops fear to enter or the growing health crisis made by Obama Care or the racial divide created by Black Lives Matter or …or…

The big cats ignore the true burdens facing everyday Middle-Class Americans. In one broadcast on NBC they went from the plight of the poor to the greed of the rich. While stereotyping the middleclass as having brilliant homes in the burbs with large wads of money in the banks. In fact most middleclass do well just maintaining what they have with little money left over to go into savings.

Contributing factors are inflation of everything from food to utilities; living above ones means and going into debt to maintain it; healthcare cost which Obama said would go down but have done a complete reversal. The Media slaps a thirty second sound bite on it and makes the claim that they reported the dilemma. Enough said. Move on.

Poor Penelope remains tied to the tracks while Dudley Do Right rides off into the sunset impervious to criticism that he didn’t do his job.

Wasn’t the media supposed to be honest and fair? Aren’t we supposed to trust what these news organizations tell us? But, alas… I guess there isn’t a law saying they have to be honest or fair. They don’t have to tell us the truth. They only have to make it look like honest reporting.

It isn’t new. Someone is pulling the cords and yanking the media chain. Lenin and Stalin used propaganda to gain power and eventually slaughtered millions. Mass murder was condemned and the atrocity was plastered on every headline around the world…of course after the fact.

Not many came out ahead of all that bloodshed predicting the outcome. If they had they were brushed aside or rebuked as lunatics.

Now I’m not saying that is what is happening today with the media. But I am pointing out the influence the media has.

It can make or break.

It can build or tear down.

It can be truthful…or deceptive.

The good ole' days of truth in the Media...wait, truth?
The good ole' days of truth in the Media...wait, truth?


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    • CHRIS57 profile image

      CHRIS57 11 months ago from Northern Germany

      Lightning strike fatalities are in the range of 75 deaths per years.

      Terrorist attacks for the past 10 years account for some 12 deaths per year. And that does not distinguish terrorist background ideology.

      Lightning has no "background ideology".

      It is way too easy to make Sept. 11 responsible. Especially because all involved in that attack were from countries not on this little list.

      Messing with terrorist fear is magnification of statistically inferior danger (for political purposes).

    • Cleve Sylcox profile image

      Cleve Sylcox 11 months ago from St. Charles, Missouri

      From 1995 to 2014 there were 3264 terrorist related deaths in the US according to:

      From 1959 to 2013 there were 4025 lightning related deaths according to:

      Your comment holds no merit.

    • CHRIS57 profile image

      CHRIS57 11 months ago from Northern Germany

      A long as terrorist victims are more scarce than people struck by lightning: I would not be too sure if any Penelope was tied on any track.