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State underwater

Updated on January 15, 2016

State underwater

ACEH "land under water". I mentioned this term deserves Aceh because of frequent flooding, both flood inundation and flood. Rainfall in the province of Aceh is very varied, but on average ranges from 105.6 mm per month (BMKG, 2011), so that Aceh classified in the category of many wet areas. Rainfall in the highlands and the South-West coast is higher than the rainfall in the coastal areas. Thus Aceh vulnerability to flooding is quite high, especially for the destruction of forests and weak public awareness to dispose of waste in place.

In addition to the earthquake and tsunami, floods pertained main form of natural disaster in Aceh. Flooding can occur due to excess volumes of water caused by rainfall or overflow of river water that flooded certain areas. This phenomenon occurred again in April 2015 and, where flash floods hit four villages in the subdistrict of Stars, Central Aceh. Soak overflow flooding some areas in Aceh Barat and Aceh Barat Daya (Abdya), and even extends to parts of Aceh Jaya, so that almost the entire South-West region experienced flooding this overflow. Floods also hit Tangse and Pidie Jaya standby status (Porch, 20.04.2015).

According Suharyanto (2009), floods can indeed occur after heavy rainfall in one day due to conversion of forest into land that is not transparent air.Banjir disaster has the highest weight because of the effect it has large and high frequency of occurrence (Analysis Team Triple-A and TDMRC, 2010). This shows that the flood should be taken seriously and continuously by all policy makers and community elements.

Floods hit not only in areas with high rainfall, but flooding can occur downstream when heavy rain upstream. Besides geared towards landslides, floods in the rainy season will also result in drought in the dry season when the capacity of the water in the mountains and forests to be small.

According to the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), the number of deaths caused by the flood is still under earthquakes, droughts, landslides, and extreme weather. However, the accumulation of all the events mentioned that victims of floods and landslides in vast numbers. Aceh's not too late for the government to find a solution to the flooding problems that come every year, the water pouch solutions development, governance trash, and love of the forest program can be an alternative solution. Construction of the water bag

Floods can be avoided if the entire discharge wastewater can be directed to a storage point. For it is necessary to build water storage pouch-shaped artificial lake (dam). This has been successfully done in the city of Hannover, Germany. These countries to build an artificial lake named Maschsee, created to collect water that had always led to annual flooding. Currently the lake is also functioned as a place of relaxation and water sports by the citizens.

Construction of artificial lakes or water pockets can be done technically in areas prone to flooding by conducting initial topographic survey to determine the layout of the lake or water bags to be built. At this stage needs to be studied and analyzed area flooded area, existing land use, areas of existing settlements, potential, resource development and utilization of water that exists (Kodoati RJ, 2013). If it is not possible to build a single large lake, it can be built multi-lake system based on areas prone to flooding.

Furthermore, the construction of a lake or water bags made with environmentally friendly aesthetic approach, for example around the lake or water bag is planted with trees as a protective structure surrounding soil. What is important is also the construction of drainage channels in the settlements must be implemented technically, good drainage channel dimensions and slope of the base line must be ensured the right and leads to the lakes or water pockets. Another thing to note is also the building of the water bag in the form of an artificial lake (dam) is a socio-economic impact, and the beauty of the environment.

Piles of garbage that clog waterways is one cause local flooding (inundation). If people can be educated to observe proper waste disposal aspect, of course the risk of flooding can be reduced. This education needs to be done to all elements of society, ranging from children to the elderly. Informal education at the level of families and communities must be intensively carried out, including reviving the culture of mutual cooperation pembersihandrainase.

Anyone who has the potential to produce waste must understand about waste management is good and right. If consciousness dispose of waste in place into the habit of all components of society, indeed the city will look clean and the water flow in the drainage channel will smoothly without causing problems later on in case of rain. Program love forest

Forests are the lungs of the world who should be cared for by us all. The reality of forest degradation in Aceh is getting worse from year to year reflect that we have not been able to love the forest. Encroachment by illegal loggingmasih rife in Aceh. Program love forests must be implemented by the government, NGOs, or private parties, so that all elements of society to understand the importance of the role of forests for life.

Forest destruction is the cause of the flood, as well as a deduction from the availability of water in the dry season. Pockets of natural water to be not working. Two things need to be done: First, stop all actions that damage the forest; And, secondly, do reforestation in areas that have been barren. It is the responsibility of us all not only the government but all elements of society.

Keeping track of ground water, keeping the natural food chain, cutting down trees that are old enough alone and replant instead, formed a task force in each village to preserve and protect the biodiversity of forest from illegal loggers, divide the zone classification of forest to forest Primary (hedging), may be cut and planted forests, are some examples of things we can do. Paradigm cutting down forests to clear land and take the wood for a quick profit, it must be changed by a new paradigm of assuming that the forests are the lungs of the world that must be preserved beauty and life.

The country under water would not be again I call for the province. Flood disaster mitigation should be an important agenda in initiating the development of Aceh. Government, NGOs and the private and the public need to work together to unite the country with a mission to rescue the various mitigation measures against flooding. This priority needs to be given in view of the impact and the probability of flooding is very high above other natural disasters, as well as the correlation between the floods with landslides and drought.

The hope is accelerating the development of Aceh can be achieved when the danger of flooding can be minimized. This is certainly not intended to disregard efforts to mitigate other disasters, but the proportional mitigation need to be implemented, so that the sustainable development of Aceh-based disaster can be achieved. Hopefully!


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