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Brussels vote! EU MP's Parliament, left Serbia without "candidate" status! Vote against made country problems...

Updated on June 7, 2012
European Union flag is still waving - but for how long, and will Serbia find its star in the European Circle of Stars on the flag.
European Union flag is still waving - but for how long, and will Serbia find its star in the European Circle of Stars on the flag.

The European Parlament 2011

European Parliament, the summit of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of all EU countries, should bring up on voting and discussing some critical questions to the surface.
Many headlines of some prestige newspapers, and media in general, are calling this day the "Day D" for some countries, including mine - Serbia.
This summit, in Brussels will bring up questions like Human Rights in Iran, Iran nuclear affairs, Croatian verification of entering in to EU and it's rights as the "newbie" in Union, verification of status of "Candidate of EU" for Serbia and maybe what's most important for the current EU members - resolving the financial crisis inside the "Euro Zone".
(wrote on 10th of November 2011)

7.5 Million people dissapointed

After so many years of reforms, after so many years of desperate wish to be part of Europe, after so much energy and optimistic power putted into getting "EU Standards" on the field of Serbia and implementation of same, after successfully ended cooperation with International War Tribunal in Hague with arresting of Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic, and after starting negotiations with Pristine about self-declared independent "Republic of Kosovo" - EU didn't recognize Serbia's efforts to adjust the laws, standards, make infamous decisions against interest, and living 11 years with state of mind "We gonna be step closer next year."
Putting candidature of Serbia "on hold" gave a strong wind into wings to the nationalistic and radical parties, in the time when elections are close. The "wind" from EU sent today at about 2pm, made an huge impact on general mood of nation. The future elections will be "the historic ones" because Serbia will, after over a decade, choose between the results of Democratic forces in country and their results with integrations to the EU and nationalistic-radical forces which are now "encouraged" with the decision made today in Brussels. In the time when European Union faces with huge economic down, they've signed the agreement of acceptance for Croatia - they've sent an very dangerous sign for nationalism forces in Serbia.

Status of "Candidate" for Serbia

Serbia have done pretty hard work, when it comes to the EU integrations. There have been huge reforms, and huge political changes on the scene of Serbia. Next year, 2012. , will mark the twelve years since democratic changes in Serbia - and still, the "candidate" status is NOW up to verifying. Many political analytics are saying that Serbia would be already in European Union, if there wasn't the assassin of Prime Minister Zoran Djinjdjic - the main reformatter in Serbia which did the most of the job in just two years of his mandate ... before he got killed.

On 9th of December, on this day - 7.5 million people, whole nation of Serbia - have been put on to "test". Have we done enough to gain the "candidate" status? - From 27 EU members, only 1-3 countries voted against it! Germany had the strongest "nein" to Serbia as a candidate for EU membership.

  • Fast rewind...

All requirements form Brussels and EU in general, were satisfied. European Commission gave the "green light" and propposition for candidature of Serbia for the EU membership in just few months ago - and they have stated that the "key things", for opening the doors of EU for Serbia are - DONE.

Arresting the last two Internationally wanted war criminals, Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic - brought Serbia on the doorsteps of the EU. But something happened, and that something brought Serbia not one, or two - but couple of steps BACK from the same doors.

What can it be?
The "eternal" Serbian problem - Kosovo. New tensions on North of Kosovo(which is mainly Serbian), and tensions on border with Kosovo;once again - brought Serbia new problems, and new demands from highest EU representatives like Angela Merkel. Merkel's vote, the vote of Germany and Austria, and partially U.K will decide the destiny of this, already used to unseen poorness, nation.

Why Germany and Austria?
The tensions on border with Kosovo (Serbia-Kosovo), brought up the new way of ethnic Serbs to show their dissapointment of EULEX and KFOR mandature. They claim that they did nothing to protect the Serbs, out there, and that they are secretly working with Albanian side. They aren't claiming that without proof; the "Special Forces of Kosovo" tried to take out the border crosses with Serbia on several places. This is against all what have been agreed with EULEX and KFOR, and against UN resolution 1244. Kosovo should be "neutral, under mandatory of International Security Forces". On this way, putting the "Kosovo's Special Forces" on border with Serbia, putting the "Kosovo Flag" and "Welcome to Republic of Kosovo" is strictly violation of 1244 UN Security Council resolution. " In internationally recognized resolution of the UN it stands that "there shall not be any signs of national symbols and/or institutions in duration of International Forces mandatory".


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    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe


      Yea! That is totally weird. Well, You have to take in to mind that UK has the much greater developed economy, and life standard than Serbia. Serbia was in war since 1991-1990 than again 74days of NATO booming, and still we are making great steps and efforts for "EU integrations" FOR WHAT? People suffer, they put always new, and new demands and nothing practicality for an average live happens in a meaning of improvement of life standard. We did ALL, and read my hub "Double arsines of EU?"...PLEASE, EVERYONE WHO SEE THIS - READ IT , AND SEE THE TRUTH!

    • CASE1WORKER profile image


      7 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

      How weird life is, Serbia want to join the EEC and the UK would leave if given free vote. I am sure that there is more to this than is shown. Perhaps the EU are too busy trying to sort the Euro out.


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