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University of Phoenix Removes Jobs In America, Creating High Unemployment

Updated on November 6, 2013

Did you find a job after graduating from the University of Phoenix?

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You want jobs America? Then remove the University of Phoenix! You want to reduce unemployment America? Easy, remove the University of Phoenix. Take the University of Phoenix out!

University of Phoenix Is The Reason For High Unemployment In America

Massive fraud takes place in the United States everyday because of complex and confusing government systems and their associated laws that uphold those systems and America's way of life. Americans are wondering why hasn't the economy turned around since 2008's financial crash across Wall Street. Well America, if you really wanted to know the answer to high unemployment, here it is!

The University of Phoenix freely takes American tax payer money by using American tax payer money to pay off student loans who have flunked, failed, graduated, or who have purposely been expelled from the school. Shouldn't you be outraged America? When I said massive fraud as the first two words to this article, I really meant that. This school signs up students who cannot comprehend English and Mathematics on the college level, so, no problem, sign the student up, let the student flunk out, have the student pay back their loan, or if the student cannot pay back their loan, have America's tax payers pay it back. No matter what, the University of Phoenix wins!

Now that we know that the University of Phoenix is paid by both American tax payers and the federal government, Americans need to know that the University of Phoenix is responsible for high unemployment across America. Remove the University of Phoenix and America will have jobs again. You want jobs America, then remove the University of Phoenix.

Organizations in America Fighting Each Other

The University of Phoenix, for being an unaccredited education company, that's right, a company, not a university, hides behind a fake accreditation body that was formed and made in America, The Higher Learning Commission, and was scrutinized by another organization formed and made in America, called the Department of Government and Accountability. Isn't America stupid? They form one organization to create the fraud, and then form another organization to fight the fraud. The Department of Government and Accountability office called The Higher Learning Commission an accreditation mill because The Higher Learning Commission will accredit any university or college, such as the University of Robbery, University of Fraud, University of American Tax Payer Pays Phoenix, hell, even the University of iPhone. And aren't Americans stupid for not knowing where their tax payer money goes to?

University of Phoenix Massive Fraud

Now, its not uncommon that a University of Phoenix faculty member goes missing, doesn't show up for class, or worse, cancels class mid term. An angry student won't pay back the bill. Heck, if the bill was paid for by a grant or a scholarship, the student won't chase the refund. Better yet, if it was a loan, the student won't pay back the loan either. So, no problem, America's tax payers can pay off loans for those students who suffered a cancelled class. 10,000 classes are cancelled each year at the University of Phoenix. Students who have taken out student loans for these cancelled classes will not pay them back so let America's tax payers pay the bill.

Then there's financial aid counselor fraud! Are you starting to laugh? Do that because financial aid counselors will place student loans on hold and ask students to pay for their classes out of pocket. Those angry students, drop out, have taken a loan out, don't pay their loan back and so let America's tax payers pay back that loan.

I told Romney and Obama that before their big election, they should seriously change the University of Phoenix's name to University of Phoenix Fraud. It would be so much better. Or how about University of Phoenix Loves American Tax Payer Money?

University of Phoenix Salespeople Sue University of Phoenix and Win $9.5 Million Dollars

Am I done? Nope. Okay you can laugh now. Remember earlier when I said that the University of Phoenix will enroll students who cannot comprehend English and Mathematics? Well, two former University of Phoenix workers, salespeople as they should be correctly termed, signed up as many students as they possibly could, the majority of which could not read English, write an English sentence correctly, or do simple Algebra. In other words, University of Phoenix salespeople signed up students they know would flunk out of the school, these salespeople signed them up with a student loan, the student flunked, the student couldn't pay back their loan, no problem, the University of Phoenix got America's tax payers to pay back the loan.

Now those two former salespeople sued the University of Phoenix in December 2009 and each earned $9.5 million dollars a piece. You can read that on the United States Department of Justice's web site here:

If I worked for the University of Phoenix as a salesperson or an enrollment counselor, I would be outraged because I should be entitled to $9.5 million dollars too!

Unaccredited University Produces Worthless Degrees and Wastes America's Tax Payer Money

University of Phoenix graduates are learning that their degrees are worthless as they cannot find jobs in their field of study. The school is blaming the economy. Graduates are blaming the education they received because of their degree programs not being accredited by a "programmatic" accrediting body. Remember The Higher Learning Commission I mentioned earlier in this article? Well The Higher Learning Commission is an "institutional" accrediting body, not a "programmatic" one. Students need to know this.

So, angry graduates cannot pay back their student loans, no problem, American tax payer money pays off the loan.

Restore America, Create Jobs, Remove High Unemployment

Removing the University of Phoenix will create jobs because the billions of dollars in federal education money and American tax payer money will be going to creating those jobs instead of going to a diploma mill that produces worthless degrees from the get go.

American tax payers are wasting their money because they don't know about the University of Fraud, no wait, the University of Phoenix.

USA TODAY Reports Democratic Senator Tom Harkin Investigating For-Profit Colleges - Leaving Students With Bad Debt and No Degree

The report labels for-profit colleges as dropout factories, students are enrolled, they are slapped with a student loan, they drop out, and American tax payers pay off their student loan. The report emphasizes that for-profits like the University of Phoenix are only concerned about one thing than the most obvious thing and that is attracting students than educating them. Taxpayers financed $32 billion into for-profit colleges when that $32 billion dollars could've been used to create millions of jobs across America. Read more about USA Today's report here:


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