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Will Anthony Weiner step down and do the right thing?

Updated on July 27, 2013

While watching a political documentary recently, where Bill Clinton excerpts were shown, my daughter asked if Bill Clinton was a good president. I hesitated for a bit while I thought about my answer. My husband had no hesitation at all and said that Clinton was a good president and asked why I couldn’t answer. My husband stated that the economy was doing well during his presidency; he along with many had a good job and those were some things that made Clinton a good president. I on the other hand, focused more on the sexual scandals and subsequent impeachments that seemed to plague Clinton throughout his presidency. I had a really hard time speaking well of Clinton as I remembered him being questioned during the Lewinsky scandal and all I remember was Clinton’s face and remarks when asked if he had sex with an intern. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman! He was so convincing that I almost believed him, if he were not a man and especially… a politician. When I explained to my daughter about “Lewinskygate”, my husband said that his personal life had nothing to do with his presidency. I completely disagreed as I think his personal life had everything to do with his presidency. Any public figure’s personal life and how he handles himself as a man and most of all a human being should always be questioned as they campaign and/or run for office. Clinton’s ability to lie and deceive so easily made him a bad president to me. Unfortunately, he’s not the first to do so and sadly not the last of his kind.

The recent news this week regarding Anthony Weiner has brought lies and deceit to the forefront yet again. Here, we have a married political figure that resigned from office in 2011 because he was inappropriately sexting and sending pictures to women on social media outlets. He admitted to his wrongdoing -how could he not?-, apologized to his wife, his constituents and the American people and left office in disgrace. After the scandal played out and he was out of the spotlight for a while, he decided to run again…this time for Mayor of New York with the mindset and political platform that his wrongdoings were all in the past, he apologized and paid his dues for his bad behavior and now he’s ready to move forward for the people of New York.

It appeared that his platform was working as he was up in the polls, then “Weinergate” hit again! It was discovered by “” that he was still being inappropriate even AFTER he apologized and resigned so NOTHING had changed. This time in an effort to keep his numbers up in the polls, he held a press conference with his poor “Good Wife” Huma standing by his side and she even gave a forced speech supporting her husband. I have to wonder if she again took advice from her boss and mentor, Hillary Clinton who is the poster child for disgraced political wives who stand by their man. Poor Hillary has had to endure numerous infidelities of her husband for many years so if anyone knows how to deal with sexual political scandals that would be Hillary. With her bids for presidency, she must have just endured the embarrassment and disgrace so she could move higher up the political chain of command. Winning campaigns and being appointed to different positions makes it easier to cope with infidelities I suppose.

It’s my hope that Weiner’s wife, Huma doesn’t have the same goals as Hillary and has just endured these past and present rounds of embarrassment for the sake of her child. That she’s trying to be a good mother so her child doesn’t grow up without a mother and father. If that is the case, then I applaud Huma for putting her child before herself. She’s probably going through the hardest time of her life and the fact that this is public knowledge, has compounded that but that’s the life she chose thinking that her husband would serve office and represent the people proudly, sadly she was wrong and it’s not her fault. The worst part of this is that there will be more bad news coming out that she and all of us don’t know about yet.

If Anthony Weiner loves his wife and child, he should do the right thing and bow out of the race. He’s his own worst enemy and the only reason for his downfall and he needs to be a man for all the good reasons this time. Delete your Facebook and Twitter accounts because nothing good could ever come from social network sites again for you.

Political figures need to have integrity, ethics and morals to live by in both their personal and business lives. If they are married, they should have commitment to the marriage vows they took and respect the spouse along with the family that they created. We need to hold all political figures accountable for their actions both personally and professionally. Simply put, If they can’t keep the vows they made to their spouse, then how can we believe them to keep their word to the American people?

Should Anthony Weiner drop out of the Mayor race?

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