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Does Racism Still Exist in America?

Updated on November 5, 2017
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Just a simple guy in high school that likes to share his opinion. (All A student)


What is Racism?

Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another, according to Wikipedia. Racism has been around since close to the beginning of time. Racism lasted for over 200 years (1600's-1865).


Were blacks the only race of slaves?

Although it is most commonly known that blacks were slaves they weren't the only ones. It is true that a good portion of the slaves were African American although there was, of course, slaves of white skin. And something else that may surprise you is whites were not the only slave owners. Yes, there were many people that were black and owned slaves. See the thing is not all African Americans were stuck being slaves, of course, it was quite difficult to become free but it wasn't easy for America to become free now was it?


White Privilege?

Throughout the past couple years you have most likely heard of white privilege. White privilege is (or white skin privilege) is a term for societal privileges that benefit people identified as white, according to Wikipedia. The term basically means that if you're white you can go through life without any problem at all and you can't complain about anything. Is that true though? Are white people privileged? Do we just get to go through life without a care? When a cop pulls us over can we just say "Oh, I'm white I wasn't speeding"? Do you really believe that is true? White privilege is not a thing you may think it is but it is not. You can watch youtube debunking videos and other articles by professional sociologists who debunk it.


The 'N' Word

(For the sake of this article I will say nigger, but not in an offensive way, rather an educational way) Throughout those 200+ years of slavery white people referred to the African Americans as "Niggers" which was said because the white people did not respect the African Americans. And as time went on African Americans were offended by the word 'nigger' and today if you say it and you are white you are racist. Does that make sense? I would not use the word but for the African Americans to say that you are racist and for them to get offended over A WORD is absolutely petty and ridiculous. How many times have you seen a white person get offended when an African American says things towards a white people such as 'Cracker' or 'honkey', that number is below 1 isn't it? Thought so. African Americans like to blame everything on racism(by no means am I trying to offend anyone I am just sharing my observations).


PewDiePie says the 'N' word

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months of 2017 you have most likely heard about the controversy about PewDiePie saying "Nigger" on a live stream on Youtube. Everyone that loves his content was scared his channel might get taken down for saying A WORD that literally has no meaning in 2017. People were accusing him of being a racist(someone who believes one race is superior to another) for saying 'Nigger'. How does that make any sense at all?


The Confederate Flag

I believe I can speak for a good portion of whites when I say this, WE DO NOT THINK ONE RACE IS BETTER THAN ANOTHER BUT I DO KNOW ONE RACE IS MORE ANNOYING THAN THE OTHER!! Seriously, African Americans saying the Confederate Flag offends them and getting it taken down?? Are you serious?!! I hope everyone understands that black and whites fought in that war. All you did was disrespect a whole lot of amazing people that were brave enough to fight for this ungrateful country.



Ok. The main point of this article. So currently in 2017 Racism still exists, or does it? The only reason racism exists is because of African Americans. I know a lot of people just got offended but please let me explain why I believe this. So the Confederate flag is one example where the African Americans won't let racism die. And may I point out that when whites refer to blacks we feel the need to say 'African American' instead of black, white people are referred to as white, how is that fair? Maybe if African Americans stopped blaming everything on racism we could actually get things done. You can't even dislike or disapprove of anything an African American does or says without you being racist. You can not disagree with a black person without it being racist. Hmmm


Lets Switch Roles

An African American can say whatever to a white person and it isn't racist some reason. An African American can call white people 'cracker' and it isn't racist. An African American can blame whatever he/she wants and it isn't racist. An African American can be offended by anything and it is fine but if a white person is offended they are told to STFU because of white privilege.


Black Privilege

I am going to end on how there's white privilege and black privilege in our society. First off I am acknowledging that associated with crime it would seem as if white people have the upper hand and I am not saying that more white people are arrested than black people. What I will do is give a reason on why it seems that blacks are treated unjustified when it comes to law enforcement. One thing you may have noticed if you're not blinded by ignorance is that in the past with white police officers shooting black males that the black males reached into their pockets or play some mind games with armed law enforcers. So yes, white people(not every white person) are on better terms with police officers than black people are because white people don't do stupid crap trying to get attention and prolong racism so people can feel bad for us. And in case you forgot EVERYONE struggles not just black people. And for any black person to blame anything they do because of what happened over 100 years ago with slavery is very ignorant and petty. It is not my fault my ancestors had slaves so don't blame me or even be angry with me because of something I can't control. And for the black population to still be upset with the white population over something that we had no control over well played, it looks like you are using your black privilege to the fullest of your ability.

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© 2017 Andrew Phillips


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