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"If You're Spanish Then Why Are You So White?"

Updated on June 27, 2017

I GET IT! IM PALE AND I’M COLOMBIAN! This question truly irks me. It reminds me of the scene from Mean Girls “So if you’re from Africa, why are you white?” Latin women are expected to have their accent, tan skin, dark hair and exotic features. “You don’t have tan skin, you must not be a real Latina.” HUH?

There are tons and tons of stereotypes for Latin woman like we’re “fierce and crazy.” I guess some can be, but not all. We have gigantic families? 30 cousins? I don’t think so. ALL US LATINAS walk around strutting our stuff 24/7? Nope.

NO, not all of us Latin women are going to grow up to be maids. Not all us are “great cooks.” I almost burnt my house down, but we don’t talk about that. Not all these stereotypes fall under the Latin women category, they go for men too. Latino men who have tattoos “must be in gangs or “most are” in prison.” Give me a break. There are TONS of successful Latin people that are in law, medicine and advertising. Sport players like Messi, actresses like Sofia Vergara, and music artists like Marc Anthony are huge names in the celebrity world.

No, we are not all Mexican and we do not eat tacos for every dinner. There are us Colombians, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Argentinians, Guatemalans and the list goes on. So, no, we are not ALL Mexican. Also, there is a wide variety of different foods from different cultures that aren’t just tacos or burritos.

“How was it hopping the border?” I wouldn’t know considering the fact I never did but I do feel sorry for the families that have had to do this and the families that still have to go through it. “Donald Trump is going to deport you.” Good joke, but my family and I are 100% legal. It’s crazy some people are capable of making jokes about serious problems people have to go through on an everyday basis.

I feel that TV is a huge part in why people judge others so much. For example, stereotypes for Latinos are seen everywhere on television. Latin woman usually play the role of a feisty Latina, for example, Sofia Vergara in Modern Family. Latina women also usually play the role as a maid or the “I only speak Spanish character.” As of for men they are usually in a gang with tattoos all over their bodies, Also in movies, Latino men are usually named Jose, Pedro, or Juan.

There are stereotypes that one can hear and think are good. (Even “good” stereotypes can be bad.) Some can take pride in them while there are others that make you scratch your head. All hispanics are “not well educated” and “all hispanics are poor.” Stereotypes in general are dumb in my opinion, but these are not okay. Your race does not define who you are as a person and what you can and cannot achieve in life. Being hispanic does not mean you’re poor or have a bad education.

There are tons of stereotypes people have for Latinos. There are also many stereotypes that go all other types of races. I believe people should not judge someone based on what you’ve heard and the stereotypes people say. Judging a person based on their race is wrong and unfair. However there are MANY intolerant people in this world today and will continue to judge people based on what they see and hear.


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