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Steve Bannon Calls Ivanka Trump A Rat

Updated on January 23, 2018

Presidential leaks are a common occurrence that initiates public policy, and unfortunately, at times, presidential leaks lead to the misleading of the White House's opponents. Even sensitive information sometimes manages problematic situations by distancing the executive branch by exercising unpredictable messages to solicit a response by testing the President's agenda. Of course, every President wants an open administration, however, we also see a clear willingness from the President to limit leaks. Trump is frustrated with leaks, but we can be sure he realizes that the executive branch leakers are his own people. What is even more disgusting is how Trump’s imperial family has become a competing aristocratic ceremonial expansion of branding Ivanka Trump. It was Donald Trump that registered Ivanka and her miscreant husband Jared Kushner as unpaid advisors to influence paternal authority to lay claims to the American public.

The American social-political context was to achieve individual goals for the family itself. They wanted to shape the family clan rather than the administrative republic. The gender role was based on Ivanka Trump with her own family role, her expectation, and of course her personal ambition. Her role was to raise the male ancestry within her own family. Ivanka Trump did not reshape the American public image; she simply shaped Trump’s self-representation as a savior and restorer to invoke a caring paternal master for the white uneducated male and their concubines.

Ivanka became the property of her father which created further dislocation with the American public and the real administrative duties of running a nation. Ivanka advocates the same ascendancy to the male line that anatomically owns property with the contract of marriage. One would imagine Melania Trump would administer her own influence and increasingly share the honors of her husband. However, all we see is Ivanka Trump sharing ceremonial dignities with her father’s state affairs.

The situation here becomes an odd perspective in the political milieu in the White House that catapults cultural differences between the deplorables and Ivanka Trump’s branding as an unpaid influencer in the White House. Her moral and social obligation is to empower women; however, her role has become more grotesque thanks to her recent pontification that her father “is a genius.” This type of shameless flattering of her father is a natural concomitant in nurturing and protecting her infant father’s financial affairs in the White House.

Trump’s formal empowerment of women is to bestow the educated woman with a male guardian that has the freedom to touch every woman at will. Ivanka Trump is not advocating the public duties of a nation, however paradoxically; she is advocating inequality and personal dormant of herself towards her father. Trump’s representation of American society is based on the patron family network that constitutes a hierarchical structure of power towards Ivanka Trump.

One has to seriously consider Steve Bannon’s statements to gain a better understanding of the polarity and disenfranchisement of competent paid individuals that want to do their job. Apparently, Ivanka notoriously blamed Steve Bannon for any leaks regarding the Trump presidency. Of course, Bannon shot back at her indicating, “She’s the queen of leaks.” To which Ivanka replied, “You’re a (expletive) liar!” In Bannon's new book he reportedly told Ivanka, "You love your dad. I get that. But you're just another staffer who doesn't know what you're doing." The book alleges that Bannon once blamed Ivanka Trump for a leak right in front of Donald Trump who stated, "Baby, I think Steve's right here."

It is Bannon that is correct; Ivanka is the queen of leaks because her and her husband Jared Kushner are unpaid influential members of the family. The ones who are paid view themselves as competent individuals and earn their stripes to pave their way into the White House as qualified officials. Bannon wasn’t done with Ivanka and Kushner. Regarding Kushner, a wealthy New Yorker born into a lucrative real-estate business, Bannon stated, “He doesn’t know anything about the hobbits or the deplorables.”

Bannon stated, “He’s taking meetings with Russians to get additional stuff. This tells you everything about Jared, they were looking for the picture of Hillary Clinton taking the bag of cash from Putin. That’s his maturity level.” Bannon was intuitive to know that the firing of the former FBI Director James Comey was the worst mistake in “modern political history”. Again, the President clearly puts his family above the stewardship of running a nation. Ivanka Trump is simply an unpaid aristocratic influencer on a mission to stab everyone in the back for the purpose of insulating her father’s mistakes because of her own husband’s frailty of understanding the functionality of the White House.

When Steve Bannon suggested that Ivanka Trump was the queen of leaks, he may have thought that Trump's hiring of Ivanka created antagonism among the lower rank paid staffers. In fact, Trump's hiring of his daughter and son-in-law as opposed to establishing other individual egos that are more complement working in an executive branch creates a sequence of events of wilful leaks. For example, individuals that are employed in the White House feel that they're important, and if they feel important then they must satisfy their own self-importance by leaking information to the press.

With Ivanka Trump, there's no defining role aside from looking beautiful and attending state affairs. Her entertainment involves the promotion of Donald Trump and achieving a certain degree of celebrity endorsement. She recently dissolved every commitment to empower women, and now her role is to be a mother and to service her husband Jared in the West Wing. This means that the sequence of events has become more pronounced and that Ivanka became the primary leak in settling a grudge, embarrassing Steve Bannon, and protecting her father. Ivanka's actions of going to the press and leaking information were simply the last resort of a frustrated and unpaid advisor lacking a sense of self-purpose. Government bureaucrats will leak information, but their strategy is not to get caught for the purpose of keeping their job. Normally a leaker shouldn't be identified, but she was caught by both Bannon and Trump. Trump's administration doesn't place any value on facts and analysis, they only value the loyalty of their subjects, which in this case is Ivanka Trump.

I can only relate to an incident that happened to me in my teenage years working as a private investigator for the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). For the first two days, my female coworker and I were always together looking for individuals stealing money from the midway. Of course, in the first two days, we saw nothing happen, and that’s when she told me that it’s best if “we part our ways.” On the third day, I was rather shocked, she reportedly caught four individuals stealing which led to them being fired. The supervisor gave her the accolades while I received nothing.

I noticed she was standing by the entrance gate one day; I was so ecstatic seeing individuals get into the CNE by paying someone other than the tellers to get in. I told her, “Let’s go together and tell our supervisor what’s happening.” She replied, “No, let’s just finish the investigation tomorrow.” She continued, “We should go out after work.” I was perplexed since she told me on the first day that she would never go out with a guy like me because I take the streetcar. After work, she just wanted to hear me talk, so I talked about how lousy this job was and other unimportant facts about myself.

The next day, we waited for over 5 hours without anyone showing up to the CNE. I went to the baseball game to kill a couple of hours, but unfortunately to my dismay, my supervisor surprised me with a tap on the back. I stammered, “I was just looking at the baseball players to see if they’re stealing a run!!!” He fired me on the spot. I broodingly got on the streetcar, sat down, and the key I had in my pocket jammed into my thigh. I took the key out of my pocket and saw that it was the master key that opened up all the gates to the CNE. Only one person knew that I’d be watching the baseball game at precisely that time. I knew she leaked the information and that her boyfriend was the mysterious man collecting the dough outside the entrance. Since I had the master key, I turned it in to the authorities.

Trump stated that there hasn't been any "WH chaos," however his administration suffers from weak leadership from presidential appointments, the Cabinet, and the White House staff. Trump is not the type of man to delegate binding authority which led to many hostility breakouts among the lower staff. Priebus' replacement, John Kelly, was tasked with changing the President's behavior instead of organizing the White House. John Kelly deserves better, but unfortunately, he was dealing with a socialite alligator involved with leaks to lure more attention to Ivanka Trump's ego.

I became a whistleblower in my story with the CNE even though I spent my time watching the baseball game. I knew my days were numbered and decided to retaliate to get the last laugh. The next day, my phone rang continuously, I knew it would be her not asking me for a date, but simply to get back at me for her getting fired.

Thanks to Mike Ambrozwic for his contribution to this article.


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    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 

      12 months ago from > California

      NICE Article Fiorenzo ~ Wait until the Press, the Media & The Special Prosecutor start "DIGGING Into" Ivanka's reported dealings with Azerbaijan, a dreary inhospitable place deemed by most experts as a literal "Cesspool of Corruption" ~

      A place which some have LINKED to Iran's Republican Guard ~ Her reported dealings in Dubai are now under the proverbial microscope as well ~

      Not sure I'd wanna' be Ivanka these days, or Jared for that matter, or Donny Junior, Steve Bannon, Paul Manifort, CON-Man Paul Ryan, or even "Squinty Mike Pence" ~


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