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Steve Bannon Reveals How He Will Destroy Donald Trump

Updated on January 8, 2018

The Fire and Fury of Steve Bannon.

"Darkness is good: Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That`s power" These are the iconic words of a man so mysterious and revered that Time magazine simply called him The Great Manipulator. At the height of his power Steve Bannon was considered by some people to be the second most powerful man on earth and despite his fall from grace when he exited the white house he still has significant influence on American politics and he is capable of accomplishing anything he sets his focus on and right now his focus is on one primary objective and that`s bringing down the Donald.


The History of The Alliance.

Trump and Bannon first met in 2010 when they were introduced to one another by David Bossie, a mutual friend. Trump was thinking about running for president and so when they met each other they automatically hit it off discussing a wide range of issues from economics to immigration. At the time right wing populism was embodied in the tea party but both Trump and Bannon felt that they needed to mold a new kind of populism based on nationalists sentiments so as to combat what they deemed to be far more pressing concerns mainly China, free immigration and Islamic fundamentalism.

It`s difficult to say whether or not they knew it at the time but this was the forging of an alliance that would fundamentally alter the course of human history and create the greatest upset in American politics. Steve Bannon joined the Trump campaign in August of 2016 and proceeded to shape a political message based on ethnicity and putting America first over the prioritization of abstract concepts like Global Peace and New World Order.

The Betrayal That Ended The Alliance.

Things started taking a wrong turn when various news outlets started portraying Steve Bannon as the real mastermind behind the successes and national policies of President Trump. This put a strain on their friendship because it made Trump look like a man without a mind of his own.

Despite these cracks in the foundation, things did not truly escalate until the unite the right rally in Charlottesville which ended in violence and tragedy. Trump made the crisis worse by failing to condemn the neo-nazis which created a lot national anger directed at the White House. To quell this anger Trump decided that it had become politically expedient to fire Bannon who was viewed as the face of white nationalism in the White House. It is this betrayal that turned former allies into enemies.

Bannon Manipulating Trump on Saturday night Live.


The Quest For Vengeance.

Steve Bannon was never a man to take things lying down and so when he was fired from the White House he begun plotting his revenge. This White House has had more leaks than any other in history and many people including Trump himself believe the leaks are coming from Bannon who had very high security clearance when he worked at the White House. A lot of information in Michael wolf`s book Fire and Fury may have come from Bannon himself as the book portrays Trump`s personal interactions with his staff as well as a chaotic White House without a shred of respect for the commander in chief.

As head of Breitbart news, Bannon also has the power to chip away at Trump`s core base support many whom read their articles. Bannon also has the capability to influence the midterm elections which means he could cause the republican establishment to lose control of the house and make governing nearly impossible for Trump.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 7 days ago from Orange County California

      ptosis - ?? Obama says, I could increase the deficit more that GW Bush did. And by golly, he did. He doubled it. $20 Trillion.


      Brad - Bannon has even less of a chance than did Hillary, the DNC, Democrats in Congress, and 16 republican opponents in the republican primary.

    • profile image

      Sanxuary 8 days ago

      Stupid fighting Stupid is excellent. Poor Trump is having a bad break up when these two could not keep it in the closet any more. I love how all those Republican hypocrits are trying to pretend they never even knew one another. Well who is leaving next and who will be writing the next book of insults. I love how Bannon is apoligizing and being nice and Trump keeps on crying about a number one best seller. Jerry Springfield wishes he could have them both on his show I bet. I think Bannon would kick his butt in a fight and send him back to the Reich but thats Bannons home.

    • ptosis profile image

      ptosis 9 days ago from Arizona

      It's a comedy of errors! A confederacy of dunces at 45's WH.

      Nixon - "I am not a crook"

      Trump - "I am not an Idiot"

      DJT is a walking Dunning-Kruger case study: too stupid to know how stupid he is.