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Still Burning Eight Years Later.

Updated on December 1, 2009
People waiting without hope for salvation.
People waiting without hope for salvation.
The Pent-a-gone
The Pent-a-gone
Through the broken portholes emerged the souls of heroes.
Through the broken portholes emerged the souls of heroes.

~Still Burning one year later!~~~ ©-MFB III

Four holes 
in our hearts 
one octagonal 
two square 
and one ragged 
edged flaming 
field hole 
two footprints 
cross our minds 
once soot filled 
now scraped clean 
of horror 
one voice rings out 
across the months 
of time passed 
" God, help Us, Jesus, 
....Let's Roll!!" 
the heart of our 
nations defense 
has been pierced 
and we are no longer 
Eight children died 
that fateful day 
in planes 
from ages 
2 to 11 and perhaps 
two more children 
still missing 
from the WTC 
angels tended 
their broken bodies  
and held 
thier hands as their 
souls exited far 
too early from 
such vibrant flesh 
those angels 
shook thier heads 
at the madness of men 
against the innocent 
as they led them 
to a better place 
the two year old 
looked back 
and saw that 
Mommy and Daddy 
were right behind her 
and they were all flying 
but there wasn't 
a plane anymore 
and no bad, mean men 
to hurt them 
she smiled brightly 
as they entered glory 
Hell expanded on 
that day as well 
reserving room for 
nineteen worthless souls 
who expected lots of women 
and paradise and instead 
were  surprise to be 
into permanent residents 
from their evil impact 
on the world 
and burn now forever 
in agony times 
a million years 
for each person 
they murdered in 
the name of God 
Bin Laden has a 
place set aside there 
where caves won't hide him 
and no military might is needed 
the fiercest demons await 
his expected arrival soon! 
and will inflict 
intolerable suffering and 
gnashing of teeth 
upon his wretched ..wicked soul 
Peace has slipped 
beneath the waves of grief 
and is presumed dead 
perhaps it will wash up 
on the shores 
of the isle of man 
and once again 
bring hope someday 
but for now let us 
shed tears... 
and protect 
each other from the 
insanity of these times 
across the miles 
I send my love with 
these words of little comfort 
and regret for all 
that had to be 
for I am 
still burning 
eight years later 
with a passion 
for retribution 
and eventually peace 


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