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Still think gun free zones work?

Updated on November 27, 2015

First off my prayers go out to France on the mass shootings that happened to them, and all their family, and friends also to the other countries that are being attacked by terror on that same day that the media did not cover. Here we are again ladies and gentlemen, Mass shootings happening again in a gun free zone, and people are yelling we need more gun control before it happens to our country. Well if you would have read my last two blogs why attack the 2nd Amendment, and Mass shootings have the same pattern. You would see it won't work at all. People think gun free zones will help with the strict gun control to make us feel safer. Guess what you are wrong, France was a giant gun free zone, the terrorists still got a hold of AK-47's, and grenades. So again how did this gun free zones help. It did not, it just made everyone there a target, and the zones failed again badly where people thought they we're safe. France has a majorly strict gun control, but the terrorist still got a hold of what they needed to do their terror. They still got a hold of there AK-47's full auto mind you, some grenades, and we're able to make some make shift bombs all in a gun controlled country.

How do we think a stricter gun control or complete removal of the 2nd Amendment will help us in the United States? France was proof big time that all the law makers, and gun grabbers that wants gun control or gun confiscation will never work because the bad guys still got their guns there grenades, and was able to make bombs. All in a gun free country, it took minutes for offices, special security to help out to get there to the people. Within 30 minutes a 100 plus people died and we're injured from terrorist. They were not even holding hostages just slaughtering them like cattle for no real reason only that they can. Cops can protect us do not get me wrong, but if we have to call them to help us we are S.O.L. because pretty much every minute it took for them to get their, lives we're lost. If they legalize the right to carry, I guarantee you more than half of those lives would have been alive to this very day and less of them injured or at least give them a fighting chance instead of being lambs to the slaughter. And France is still having problems with this to we're they had to call the French Foreign Legion to add the troubles that are still taking place. I want you to think that is pretty much a martial law in Paris, France. Look what happen in Boston at the running marathon same thing they martial law the entire city and soon it might be the whole Untied States. Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen more proof that your gun free zones, and or strict gun control will never work so wake the fuck up. Open your eyes now you can see the real truth that all this may happen in our own backyard. It is time to prepare and get prepared and trained.


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