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Stop Asking Why - An Aurora Colorado Tragedy

Updated on March 22, 2016


A door slams shut,

His mind is in a rut.

People ask why,

then the mournful sound of cries.

Brothers and sisters, family members and all,

Lived their last night when he came to call.

He just didn’t care; his agenda was quite tainted,

Perhaps he was thinking he would be sainted.

He’ll never tell, his lips sealed good and tight,

despite our efforts to shed the painful light.

We never get answers from their toxic mind set,

This you can lay money on, and wager a bet.

We all crave an answer, why did it need to be so?

When pondering the mind of an alleged psycho.

I will not post his photo, to glorify his deeds,

Somehow he sends some message we were all supposed to heed.

So please stop asking “Why” to the question of the day,

He can hardly be called human, he’s just a lump of clay.

Copyright 2012© All Rights Reserved


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