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Stop Financially Profiling Wall Street Job Creators

Updated on August 13, 2012
We Love Bob Diamond
We Love Bob Diamond | Source

Insiders on Wall Street report a large increase in Bentleys, Rolls Royces and Maybachs being pulled over and searched in lower Manhattan near and around the federal reserve building. Occupants of these vehicles are being stopped and frisked for account ledgers, portfolios, and other paraphernalia of what police call their “nefarious trade” in illicit derivatives.

Men wearing Berluti, Testoni, and Ferragamo shoes are being stopped and frisked in the financial district by New York’s finest, the transit police. These well-healed Wall Street men are being detained and questioned about their role in investment fraud, Libor tampering, insider trading, and other heinous crimes that authorities say are "ruining the fabric of our nation." One source told me he was only pulled over because he was wearing a Brioni suit, that he was being financially profiled.

Unnamed sources are saying that the secretive Vidar group (Verify, Investigate, Disclose, Arraign, and Remove) who meet in the northern most reaches of Norway in the Hotel de Vidar is behind the arrests. The Vidar group has planned to take down Wall Street since the 1600s, when it was a territory of their enemy, the Dutch. Whatever the case, some secret cabal must be behind this; I don't see Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Cuomo or President Obama doing this on their own, or at all.

Millard Wealthington III, President of Wealthington Investment Schemes, says that all of the approximately 200,000 people who work on Wall Street have been profiled in one way or another, except the janitors. "The police see a man in a nice, expensive suit, and they assume he's committed a crime and stop him without cause," he says. Mr. Wealthington adds that he too has, “had his car dragged to the curb and searched” for banking records and emails of Libor collusion and credit rating manipulations.

I have reported on Wall Street for years now, and I have never seen such unwarranted maltreatment of our nations job creators. Can the police just pull anyone over, stop them on the street and frisk them just because they fit the profile of a Bernie Maddoff, Bob Diamond or Kenneth Lay? Can the transit police just pull bankers over and search them whenever they want? Monet Oliver D’Place complains, “I bet they don’t pull over rappers and basketball players like they do to Wall Street bankers who just happen to be stereotyped in the media and attacked as if we all worked at Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs or Enron We're not all crooks you know."

Of the top 300 CEOs, COOs, executives and management on Wall Street, 250 say they have been regularly stopped by the police who asked to see their papers, and portfolios. No matter what the SEC does to protect the bankers and shred documents of earlier investigations against Wall Street, the police keep searching for incriminating documents. The next thing you know, Attorney General Holder will go down to Wall Street to get righteous on the bankers. We can’t and won't put up with this! We must elect Mitt Romney. Unlike Obama, he's one of us. Romney would never investigate Wall Street crime; he would start encouraging it!

Tex Shelters


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